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Jackson Hole Express Lube and Car Wash - Blown engine after oil change

About 500 miles after an oil change my 2010 Ford F250 Diesel lost power. The warning message came on telling me to pull off to the side of the road. I did, and got out to inspect and found oil under my vehicle and, upon further inspection, found that my oil plug was gone. I had my truck towed 47 miles (I live in the middle of nowhere). I drove another vehicle 25 miles to town and got oil and a new plug. Everything seemed fine. Took the truck to town and on the way home began hearing noises. Next day decided to drive it the 80 miles to the big city where there is a Ford dealership. About 3 miles from the house all *** broke loose; I've never seen so much white smoke. Thinking it was the turbo, I had it towed the 80 miles to the Ford dealer. Turns out the entire engine is blown. The owners of the oil change business have admitted that they are at fault and have turned the matter over to their insurance company, although the owners have not made any contact with me and the service manager won't give me any info on how I can contact them. The problem now is dealing with these insurance people. The Service Manager at Ford figured an estimate for a Ford factory re-built engine (with all parts and labor) at $24,000. Remember, it's a diesel. Apparently the insurance company thinks this is to much and now want to 'total' my vehicle. I did my research at Kelly Blue Book and NADA. The replacement cost comes to $41,000 for a Certified Pre Owned vehicle. My reasons for estimating with CPO vehicles are that there are only 50,000 miles on the truck and there are 50,000 remaining on the warranty. In the state the oil change took place they can only total if the damage exceeds 75% of the value of the vehicle. What I want is for the insurance company to pay for the replacement of the engine with the Ford factory re-built one. I don't want a check from them to go out and try to find a replacement vehicle. I have already checked and there isn't anything close to what I now have. Where do you find a 2010 with only 50,000 miles in this remote part of the country???? No one trades in a diesel with 50,000 miles. I have turned this over to the State Department of Insurance because I think the insurance company is getting ready to try and screw me. Any suggestions on how I should proceed with this?
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