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Syntechs Synergy Technical Solutions - No payment, fees, crooked company

I personally worked for the company for 3 months and never received any payment. After having enough with waiting around on hold doing nothing for 30 minutes to get permision to replace a part I told them they broke their contract for not having payed and I would no longer run any calls. They responded by saying they were charging me 100 per call and more for every call in my area for 30 days. Let's not let this company get away with what they are doing, they do everything in their power not to pay techs and it is not right. I would like to start a class action lawsuit against this company. If you are an ex employee, have received payment late or anything such as being misled on the expenses (or were charged fees without them documenting each of their expenses.) please email me with the details and first and last name. I wish to get as many people as possible and as much documentation as possible before bringing it before a law firm. (emails and recorded phone calls would be great) Nick@***.com p.s. Brian has no business talking to people much less being the head of a human resources division.
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Hi my name is David I had the same exact issues with these losers I had to threaten to go down south and break some legs to actually get a response out of these f uckers they were behind almost $6000 and they acted like I was in the wrong I. Did finally start too get some money but in the end they found a way too charge me hundreds for parts they were sending me after I legally gave up my area they kept giving me jobs and telling me if I dont accept them I will be charged I even had a bad car accident I hit a deer got hurt and totaled my car so they charged me $600 when it was all said and done I lost about $1200 and I was good too them bent over backwards they need too pay

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Having the same problem


You are very right I just had same problem only I was a customer

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