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DFW Autowerks - Lies, excuses and untrustworthy business

This is a quote from the owner of this "business" from “” Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you? A. This business is all about trust. There is no other way to get customers, other than being trust worthy. It doesn't matter if the vehicle is a Fiero or a Ferrari, owners love their cars. So when we do a job, we treat the customers and their vehicles like they should be treated, how we would like to be treated. Trust is something that this business has not demonstrated to me. I saw this company on Groupon and called to ask about the service, and pre-paid for detailing on 2 vehicles. First scheduled day was rescheduled due to ice and snow...this was understandable. Another day was scheduled, when a call was received indicating there was a car accident and the appointment would not be made that day, so another was scheduled. Over an hour passed on the third appointment and we had not heard from anyone. After calling the office and cell phone MULTIPLE times, I finally spoke to a young lady who informed me there was ANOTHER accident and the service would have to reschedule AGAIN. The young lady went on to say that she was attempting to make contact with those who would not get serviced that day...and apparently wasn't doing a very good job of it, as no one has made contact with us up to this point, 1.5 hours after the appointment time. I told her to forget the whole thing and give me a refund...the young lady told me that it would take 4-6 weeks to get my money back...completely unacceptable! She said she would research it and get back to me...she never did. I spoke to "Mac" a couple of days later...he also advise me that it would take 4-6 weeks to get my money back, citing "that's how Pay-Pal works". This was still unacceptable. "Mac" citied that Pay-pal has the money and they will need to release it. I contacted Pay-pal directly, provided the dates, times and reference numbers and they assured me that DFW AutoWerks has the money and in NO WAY were the funds being held by Paypal. They confirmed DFW Autowerks had my money. I told this to "Mac" and told him that I want my FULL refund sent to me via check and that I do not what to hear anything about "Pay-pal". The next day 2/3 of my money was sent back to me via Pay-pal with the comment "the remaining balance will have to come from accounts payable which won't be till Friday"....well, now a week has gone by and I have received no check, no calls, no nothing. Now, it’s been over a month since I first brought this situation to light with this "business" and I STILL do not have all my money back. As of today 4/17/2014, DFW Autowerks STILL owes me $18.67 after sending me ANOTHER PARTIAL PAYMENT on April 2. Even after calling "Mac", and telling him he still owes me money, I have seen nothing since, and he CONTINUES to blame PayPal for all these issues. In addition, he has not made good even after being contacted by the Better Business Bureau, and receiving a demand letter sent to him via certified mail. He has left me no option but to file a small claims case against him. For a business that says it's based on trust, I have not seen or heard anything from this business that would foster ANY kind of trust. Be wary of doing business here.
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Fort Worth, Texas