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Pampered Touch Salon - Sabrina Turgeon is a crackhead psycho ***

Andre Turgeon is a trying to rent out a room in his Weare house. The place has been used for the manufacturing of drugs including crack and crystal *** Both his daughters Melissa and Sabrina are heavily involved in drugs and have been investigated by police for cocaine. They suffer from severe mental illness. Please, beware. Andre is a psycho. He was arrested for trying to kill his ex roommate. The room he is trying to rent is infested with scabies and other parasites. The place is dangerous. They are trashy hillbillies and Sabrina suffers from herpes. Location is 127 Pond View Road Weare, NH
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Sabrina was arrested and got her criminal records expunged.


Sabrina is nasty. She *** herself for cocaine.


I can't believe that a year has passed and this dude still is displaying so much anger for this poor girl! I bet he's a *** middle aged looser that lives in his mom's basement. You know, that loner freaky type that was killing cats by age five and feels so "misunderstood"? But people do understand him, they understand that they'd rather NOT be alone with him in a dark alley way and to stay away!!! And he calls other people psycho???

There is no way this girl is a mentally ill, thieving, drug addict AND drug manufacturer?!? That's way too far fetched. Plus, if you Google her name no dirt comes up on her whatsoever. A drug manufacturer under police investigation and not one single arrest? Not even a tiny mention of some minor infraction? No one believes this dude... (Except for his mommy, I'm sure!)

He's obviously obsessed with this girl and she probably never even wronged him. My bet is that she wants nothing to do with him and that makes him mad. So here he is, with way too much time on his hands and still vying for the girl's attention. He is so socially inept that he doesn't even realize that he is only showing his true weirdo spiteful colors....

GET OVER IT DUDE!!! What are you trying to do? Do you think that your ridiculous attempt to sabotage her livelihood will somehow make her less creeped out by you? You're scary! That's why girl's probably run when they see you. Redirect your energy and focus on the positive things that you have going on in your life; like mommy letting you snuggle with her last night!



I know this family have you seen them do all these things


Sabrina and her sister are mentally ill. They both have a very bad drug problem and steal.

They are thieves. Sabrina has been investigated for cocaine and crack sales in the past.

Melissa should not be working as a surgical technician because of the amount of drugs she is on. They are both heavily involved in crime.


Sean get a life! Stop mooching off your parents!

Your a 27 year old child who can't hold a job because your LAZY! Do society favor.....


This is a personal attack that should not and does not have anything to do with the salon. If you would like to slander someone, leave the good reputation of the salon alone.Lies don't ever prevail!

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