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Superior Motor Services - Terrible Service - Terrible Customer Service

Long story short, I've had the worst possible experience with Superior Motor Services on 5 separate occasions. On top of not fixing any of the problems they were dispatched by AAA to address, Superior Motor Services cost me an additional $700 of out of pocket expenses to fix the problems they created. Once I contacted a manager at Superior Motor Services about my experience, I was promised that he would look into the issue and get back to me. When I called to check in, after 2 months without a response, the same manager told me that he "didn't need my God *** business, he does 40,000 jobs a year" and that he wouldn't be doing anything to try to find a positive resolution to my concerns. Getting into the details, my car wouldn't start on 1/2/14. I contacted AAA and they dispatched Superior Motor Services to diagnose and jump start the battery. Instead of running diagnostics, Superior Motor Services instead told me, based on it being a 2010 car, they would be replacing the battery -- without running a single diagnostic -- and it would cost me about $130. At the time, I trusted them and agreed with these next steps. I have since learned that AAA technicians are always required to run diagnostics on all batteries and that mine likely only required a jump, not a $130 replacement. Days later, with the new battery installed, the car wouldn't start again. AAA again dispatched Superior Motor Services to diagnose the problem. This time the tech did run diagnostics on the battery, stated that the battery was in good health, jumped the car, and left. Within 48 hours, the battery died again. I called AAA and they dispatched Superior Motor Services to tow the car to my local Mazda dealership. This time, a brand new $329 GPS was stolen from the car. While I can't be sure that Superior Motor Services took the item, it was there when they took towed the car, it was not there when I got to Mazda. In the spirit of customer relations, AAA and Mazda have both met me half way and agreed to share the cost of replacing the stolen item. Superior Motor Services hasn't even called me back. I paid Mazda out of pocket to run diagnostics on the battery and they immediately diagnosed that it was a defective battery -- how did Superior miss this? -- and that they would need to replace it before running diagnostics on my car. At that point, AAA dispatched Superior Motor Services to again replace the battery. Superior Motor Services were supposed to arrive between 12PM and 3PM. They never showed up. AAA again dispatched them to arrive by 6PM and Mazda's staff stayed late to allow them access. Again, they didn't show up. I ended up paying Mazda out of pocket to replace the battery. Since then, the car has run perfectly. To this day, Superior Motor Services has yet to return my phone call. When I contacted them directly, 2 months later to follow up, I was rudely brushed aside without so much of an apology for the negative experience. I have already shared my concerns about Superior Motor Services with AAA directly, have never posted a negative review before, but I couldn't in good conscience not share these 5 experiences with other consumers. Super Motor Services is an unreliable service company with terrible customer service.
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Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania