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Roca Labs - I was charged for this item and i never received the product..

growing up i have always been bigger then most of all the other kids i played softball and it was rough no matter how hard i worked my weight sucked because it drove me to drugs and just to lose the weight i am 5'3" and 240 i have tried every thing HCG injections which seem to work the best so far but still, jenny craig diet pills starvation alli anything that would work i ad 2 kids and my depression suck while doing all of this i work out reg. at the gym and it just seems to not work all that well i need a jump start and i didnt want the surgery due to the scar, well they shipped this priority mail for 2 days and it said that the package delivered and not only did it not delivery i walked to all the neighboring streets and my neighbors to see if it went to the wrong address and sure enough it didnt. 500 dollars is alot for my family but i put the trust in this company and they let me down, i called and asked about the packaging and they told me that this was not there fault and that there is nothing that they can or will do for me so now i am working with the fraud department about this company about not sending the product as a scam.
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Idk what is the relationship between your fitness problem and this company. First of all you have to tripple check if you provide the right address.

One number in the ZIP code ca mess up everything! And let me ask you something. Did you choose to sign for the package?

If it were me, and if there were $500 at stake, I would for sure want to sign for the package. But if you didn't than this is partially your fault.


Did you receive the package??


Want to lose weight?Eat only what grows from the ground.You can eat till your full and still lose alot.


Not understand.....what's the relationship between this fraud and the your fitness pronlem??

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