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Tricycle Media are scammers - do not use their services

Tricycle Media Limited #804214
I am glad I found this forum on Tricycle Media, now trading as 40 50 Media Ltd. I agree they are scammers who are only after your money. They took 20 months to get a satisfactory website live for us even though it was only transferring info from our old site. We ended up doing most of the work, and they still charged us extra. Worst of all, they ceased trading in 2013 and started again as 40 50 Media, transferred our site and sent us a bill for hosting. When we asked to be released as they were not authorised to host us they shut down our website until we paid them. BLACKMAIL !!! We had to pay them and immediately organised moving our website.
Keep well away from FIONA JEFFERIES and 40 50 MEDIA LTD. they are only after your money for very poor service.
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