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Bickford Cottage Assisted Living - Harrassment from Director

I had been working at Bickford Cottage Assisted Living of Battle Creek, MI for almost three years. We ended up getting a new Director of the Branch name Crystal Parish and she never took the chance out to get to know me. She listened to certain people slander my name and she created a very hostile work environment for me, she basically harassed me. Before she became the Director I had NEVER been called into the office, ALWAYS did my job and made sure the Residents came first. She called me into her office a total of 7 times ; to me for no reason. She would state that I didn't do my job, she felt that I didn't take my job serious and she herself slandered my name as well. She wrote me up a total of 4 times and Bickford policy states 3 write ups is an automatic termination. I felt as though she was keeping me around to make me miserable and stressed out and she did just that. She temporarily fired me for a day and hired me back the next day because of false accusations made about my mother. she made me look very ***. I cried over that job! There was also a time where I ended up getting very ill, she and the RN of the Branch told my medical information to everybody at work. At any work place EVERYONE is supposed to practice CONFIDENTIALITY. They even made accusations that I lied about being ill and I had doctors documents proving that I was ill and what I had. I really love working at Bickford or I wouldn't have been there that long. I genuinely love all the residents there but I had to leave , I had to get out of there. I didn't go about quitting the right way but she stressed me out and harassed me and created a hostile work environment for me to the point that I just didn't show up. I had even complaint to corporate and nothing still has been done. I had done a 16 hour shift (2nd shift onto 3rd shift) on February 7, 2014 and only got paid for one shift. there is so much stuff she has done to me. CRYSTAL PARISH is the worst director ever.
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Battle Creek, Michigan