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I bought a puppy a year ago from "Bouchards Best Shepherds" owned by Becky Bouchard located in Cottageville South Carolina. My female pup was diagnosed at 13 months of age with EPI. Becky was hostile, belligerent and accusatory when I emailed her to explain, even though I sent her documented proof from my vet of my dogs hereditary, genetic illness. I paid $2,500 for the right to breed my puppy rather than the $1,800 for a non breeding registration. Becky claimed all her dogs were $2,500 . If the dog has some issue that meant it was not a good candidate for breeding like poor confirmation etc., that's something I can live with but this was a hereditary disease. The medication to keep my dog viable was going to cost me over $6,000 a year. Becky stated "it's the luck of the draw." I asked her for a refund of the $2,500 I had paid for the puppy. She refused. Said she would give me a replacement puppy as soon as she had more litters, claimed she had none currently. Meanwhile she had litters she was advertising on her facebook site , both litters were sired and out of the same parents of my ill puppy. When I emailed back that she currently did have litters she said that because I was being so rude I was not going to get a puppy. She also suggested I place my puppy. Who would take a dog that needs $500 a month in medication to survive? Also we love our dog. She said she would have her dogs tested. No results from the female who she has now retired..Izzy or Isabella. Spanky is my dogs sire. She claims he is not a carrier. She sold all her puppies knowing there was potential for them to be carriers of or develop EPI. it is a death sentence unless you have the means to pay for the medication for the rest of the dogs life. I have purchased the medication and my dog is back to good health. The medication, an enzyme must be sprinkled on everything the dog eats for the rest of it's life. I would like to pursue her in court. I am a Canadian, not overly familiar with the system in South Carolina. All I want is for her to stop selling puppies like this or breeding puppies like this and selling them to unsuspecting buyers. We have experienced great heartbreak over this. We slowly watched our dog as she starved to death, lost most of her beautiful coat and became a timid fearful snappy dog who was not at all the dog she had been. Our dog is now back to herself and is good health both physically and emotionally. I dealt with three other breeders from the US as I have three other dogs and all were wonderful to deal with. I have every conversation documented because it was all by email and I have documented proof that my dog has EPI. Beware of Becky Webber Bouchard, and Bouchards Best Shepherds.
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Well, I feel bad for the dogs and that's it. Shame on you for buying a dog from a breeder. You should be adopting you git.


Connie Ali Hancock Bourque: Allie Mae is doing great! 75.5 lbs today.

10 mos. OMG! Plays nice with our 14yr old husky Lobo.

Loves everyone she meets. Still shy around horses though, but that is Not a bad thing.


Ann Weis Peck: some people just like to cause trouble.


I have owned many wonderful German Shepherds in my life but none as wonderful as Crusier who Becky raised till he was ten months old. He is a happy and healthy boy.

Becky was totally professional and helpful and shipped him to Colorado for me.

I highly recommend her if you want a wonderful dog!!

Thanks Becky

Barbara B.


Michelle Cribb Becky, don't let these people get you down. I have been in the vet field for 12 years and I became your friend on facebook because I love your dogs and everything you do with them and the puppies! One of these days I will save enough money to get me one but until then I love seeing all the gorgeous pictures!!

Michelle Cribb

6 April at 21:43 ·


Thank you Becky Weber Bouchard for Addy and Bruschi they are wonderful!

Sandy Howland.


This breeder should be ashamed of herself! We have also had issues with her lying and being extremely unprofessional . She' in it for the wrong reason, MONEY.


Bouchard's Best Shepherds continues to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. I have two complaints since being registered with the BBB since 2008.

Both found in my favor. Since then, One of those complaints has become an obsession for one woman. Unhappy with me being in the right through the BBB, refusing court, refusing any other arbitration, she decided to slander my name on the internet. One was over a deposit, which is nothing, and is resolved from many years ago.

The other is by a woman named Teri Davidson, she is a realtor with Associated Realty in Brantford, Canada. if she is a friend of yours on Facebook, I will have to block you as she has been seriously stalking me for 6 months. She posts nasty comments, stalks my kids FB, stalks out German Shepherd groups, and seriously acts inappropriately for an adult business woman with teens. She has been spreading vicious lies that I raise dogs with EPI, and they will die.

What is this teaching our youth? That bullying on the internet is okay? If grown-ups do it, then why shouldn't kids bully on Facebook, ect...? I have ignored her, yet she continues to stalk, threaten, and bully me.

I am sorry if she has contacted any of you, as it has been reported to me that she has also contacted clients on my FB hoping to get something on me. Sorry, I am an open book. If you want to see the health testing of Spanky, and Izzy which she claims are the sick dogs, I have all paperwork for EPI Testing.

Both Izzy, and Spanky were, and are negative.

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Fact- Becky Bouchard has not resolved this issue. How can the BBB act in her favour if this EPI issue has yet to be brought to their attention? Shame on you Becky for lying to your loyal followers .


I bought a dog from this woman when she was in petersham and she is known with all the local vets for breeding dogs with problems. I lost my dog at the age of 6 because she had bone cancer. This woman should not be allowed top breed dogs

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