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Steves Imports - Tried to rip me off, broke my parts, and sent back my car in pieces

Steves Imports - Tried to rip me off, broke my parts, and sent back my car in pieces
Steves Imports - Tried to rip me off, broke my parts, and sent back my car in pieces
Update by user Jul 08, 2014

I'm pleased to report that Steve's Imports has gone through some major restructuring in the management and they have since reached out to me and apologized for the incident.

Original review posted by user Apr 03, 2014
I dropped my car off for a diagnosis. SI called me back with the diagnosis and I decided that I would have the car towed back to my house. When my car arrived on the tow truck the valve cover was thrown on top of the engine pinching hoses and lines with the hood resting (open) on top of the engine. This caused damaged to the heat lining on the underside of the hood. Once started putting things back together I noticed that my intake cover had a plastic connection broken off as well. I drove back to SI and told them that the way they sent the car back was unacceptable and all I received was a bunch of lame excuses that "there was no point to put it back together." The point that I was trying to make is I paid for a diagnostic and I expected as a paying customer to receive the car back in the same condition that I had dropped it off. On a side note: The diagnosis ended up resulting in the car needing a complete engine replacement. SI had quoted me 5400-**** range with the new engine (with 78k miles), labor and fluids included. I asked what labor and fluids only would be if I could track down an engine myself would be. Labor and fluids was roughly 1700-****. I ended up tracking down an engine from an auto wrecker (with 78k miles). The auto wrecker told me they had just quoted the same engine to SI earlier that day. The engine was 2000 with a core exchange. Now let's do some basic math. Original Quote: ~5400 Labor/fluids only: ~1700 Engine: ~2000 I would have saved roughly $1,700 by just making a phone call and having the exact same engine shipped to their business. Why is there this difference in price??? DO NOT go to Steve's imports, they will take you to the cleaners. When you decide you can't afford to do the repairs right away they will send you your car back in pieces because "it's not worth it to put it back together" after a diagnosis. Steve's Imports will point the finger at the tow truck driver for breaking my intake cover and hood heat shield. Then they have the audacity to claim I used there "discounted" price for the engine I purchased. I did a google search, found the wrecking yard, and purchased it at THE PRICE THE WRECKING YARD HAD LISTED ON THEIR SITE. Not once did I ask for the repair shops "discounted" rate. I tried to solve it with them over email but they denied it was their fault and never got back to me. Steve's Imports is definitely by far THE worst shop in town. STAY AWAY!!!
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