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Claudia McNeely - Distressful reading by claudia

My cousin asked Claudia for a reading once about love and why she hadn’t found anyone. C implied it was her fault she didn’t, (when she knew nothing about what it was like to never have love or anyone in your life, be alone and lonely more than 30 years of your life, how that felt, or what my cousin was going through in her life), that my cousin was nothing men wanted to love or be with, no one wanted to be around her, and was in her head anyone liked her up to that point bcuz of the way she was according to C, all of which hurt, distressed and affected my cousin all the time, and got in her head and made her believe that she never would find anyone, and afraid to try to find anyone, and when she, and a friend C didn’t think she had let C how it affected her, which she didn’t think of, she just said she would report her to the authorities (as if she was a criminal or an evil person which she wasn’t, for no reason doing that) and threatened to sue her, which wouldn’t help or stop the distress and she had no money for C to get from her, if she didn’t stop harassing her, which she had no intention of doing, and never threatened her. Well, my cousin met a guy a few years ago that got her over the stuff C told her and he showed her it wasn’t true, and he loves and wants her just the way she is and always was and is the best thing that ever happened to him, the girl of his dreams, and they are engaged to be married and will have their own business and beautiful home on the east coast. I’m so glad that happened for her after that and went she all went through and suffered and hurt in her life and how people especially guys had picked on, bullied and treated her throughout it for no reason, which you can’t understand or know how bad it was or made you feel or was like unless you went through it yourself how it affects and hurts you, and after missing out on so much. This is just a review, to be careful of psychic readings.
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Sadly this doesn't surprise me. Knowing Claudia McNeely personally this sounds just like her.

I am sorry your loved one suffered due to Fraudia (as I refer to her).

I am glad she has moved past this. Claudia is nothing more than a hateful and bigoted scam artist.

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