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Livid with PhotoReflect for making loyal customers dissatisfied never to return

I run an olde tyme photo studio. We sell items online, like Christmas cards and playing cards and prints. It is an incredibly popular option for the type of business it is. I had tried a few other companies but found PhotoReflect's setup best matched my Olde Tyme Photo studio's needs. However, the first year I used them I was less than pleased. I had more items sent out wrong or not sent at all to customers than I'd ever had with other companies (for example a customer would receive a luggage tag when they had ordered a desktop organizer). So I quit and experimented with another. While that company had excellent quality control, the services they offered just didn't quite fit what our customers wanted. So after that I decided to try PhotoReflect a second time. Wow. My second experience has been so horrible I am now at the point where I'd just rather not offer online services. I am now handling multiple customer complaints a month just from online sales because of PhotReflect's inability to correctly fulfill orders. And my studio isn't even open right now because it's winter. I was handling multiple complaints a week during our peak season (none of which would have existed if it weren't for PhotoReflect). And what's worse, is when I would contact them and tell them that a customer had never received their order or they had received the wrong order they would say they'd fix and then send it out wrong again. So customers would get frustrated when they got the third or fourth item they never wanted (you don't want an 8x10 sheet when you've ordered an expensive standout) and would then just want a refund. PhotoReflect would then give me some technical reason they were unable to issue refunds and insist on sending my customer more and more orders until they finally got it right after multiple attempts. What is also upsetting is their lack of proofing their products. I ordered over $500 worth of products to set out as examples in my studio. Many of them were not cropped or placed how I had set it up online (making that option completely useless). Many times people in the photo had their head cut off. I also had customers calling and complaining about the same thing. When I wrote a very upset email to the company requesting why this is such an issue and how they intend to fix it I instead got an excuse that it was just "bad luck" that it happened to me and that it happened to me on so many occasions. I was also told that the reason I'm having such horrible experiences is actually why their company is so great, because they hand make everything so it's just a system more prone to human error but according to them makes their quality higher (Personally, when I "hand" print a photo and see someone's head is cut off I don't give it to the customer, I redo it but... maybe their lab tech has bad eyesight?) I was told that they had thousands of loyal customers that this never happened to, so it was just a freak occurrence that it happened to me at all and even more of a freak occurrence that it had happened so often. I have now written them on so many occasions about so many customer's orders that they have almost stopped replying to me. My last customer's complaint took over a month to solve. She wrote me that she had never received part of her order, a desk organizer. I wrote PhotoReflect. They said they would send it. They sent her a luggage tag. She wrote to tell me. I wrote PhotoReflect. They said they'd fix it. They sent her another luggage tag. She wrote to say that at this point she just wanted a refund. I wrote them daily for two weeks after her last email (they insist email is the best form of communication and promise to respond with 24 hours) and called them multiple times (you are only able to leave a voicemail which they also promise to reply to by email within 24 hours) before I ever got a response. Once again they have promised to fix it. My customer has not received it yet so we don't know if it's another luggage tag yet or not. What makes it truly embarrassing is it "reflects" poorly on me and my company (which I take great pride in). Customers see it as one whole unit. It's my website with my name, so when orders are wrong then my company is the one that looks bad. I love that when I do my job I can find fulfillment in it because I take so much pride in my work. I come home at the end of the day knowing that I give excellent service. So to be associated with a company that clearly does not take pride in the quality of their work, that makes me appear as if I do not take pride in my work, is inexplicably embarrassing. And what's worse is these were all customers that were so happy with the service they received in our studio that they wanted to do more business with me online, in essence they were happy loyal return customers. And they would have stayed that way, until they had such a horrible experience with a company that makes my company look inept. I now have more dissatisfied customers than I've ever had before.
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