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Etsy shop Michiacouture seller Michelle Evans would not refund for sending me wet phone cases made the night before

Etsy shop Michiacouture seller Michelle Evans would not refund for sending me wet phone cases made the night before
I will never do business again with Michelle Evans or her Etsy shop MichiCouture. Here's why I'm very disappointed not only were they not bubble wrapped, only in a silky pouch, but the glue was still soaking wet and the pieces were coming off. That's how I received these finished bling cases.The Eiffel Tower was half off, so I took it off and the rest of the pieces on the case peeled off like a sheet of paper. Michelle was nice enough to throw in a compact for me purchasing two cases, although the compact case did not have rhinestones on it as her shop does. The tissue paper was glued onto the flower which I couldn't get off. Michelle admitted to doing them last minute and not letting them fully dry with her big fan. The cases had to have been made the day of the initial email regarding the status of delivery because the glue was still wet and Michelle said she was in a rush making them and getting them out admitting she didn't let the glue dry all the way. I think that is terrible and I'm very upset knowing she won't refund because she says she's in debt. Michelle admits via email to rushing the cases and not letting the glue dry, then why can't you give me a refund, I spent $96.25 only to get a half job done, terrible. I even offered to ship all her pieces everything back. Her last email was very unprofessional. This is what made me change my mind about leaving a negative review. This email is highly unprofessional and what I got out of it was she won't refund because she needs the money. One of the last emails was Michelle swearing at me. How awful for a business owner "MichiCouture's Shop Announcement Policy" "Each phone is custom made and "can possibly take 2-3 weeks to make." My order was not shipped until Feb 17th only because I had reminded Michelle via email asking about the status of my order on Feb 16th..2-3 weeks have exhausted so I wrote a nice email asking about the status of my order I filed a dispute, sent over every single email conversation we had and sent pictures. I was refunded, but not by Michelle. The review was removed making it look like She does a wonderful job. It's probably my fault bc I posted every single conversation we had via email thru links. I'm a person of truth, honesty and integrity and wanted to show that I had nothing to hide I want to prevent this from happening to anyone else buying from Etsy Shop MichiCouture owner Michelle Evans
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She no longer seems to have anything available through her Etsy shop (which means all her public reviews are long gone), but DOES have a link to a website she is "building" through which she can sell more of her repugnant "crafts." Obviously she didn't like having public reviews, so she's designing a site she can hide behind. What a deviously contemptible *** I feel sorry for her children. By the way, don't you just LOVE her little avatar?

@Mic***e Evans is a Liar

You are way too angry over crafts. Get a life...


Waa waa BooSki Lo !! Your blogs are all about slamming products like you are some expert on cosmetics, accessories, etc.

I am a prior customer of the couture cases merchant you are talking about and they are beautiful. Actually I have purchased 3 cases over time.

I can't say what you did with your case after receiving it or what can be proved or disproved, but you are not a reliable source to follow or BELIEVE.


Very angry you are, defensive much.

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