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How CEO Stuart Parker and his staff defrauded and stole from me. And why a rotting USAA, once the epitome of integrity and customer service, is likely to betray your trust, too.
How CEO Stuart Parker and his staff defrauded and stole from me. And why a rotting USAA, once the epitome of integrity and customer service, is likely to betray your trust, too.
Ostensibly a member-owned association, USAA provides insurance and financial services to current and former US military, as well as their families. I have been a USAA member for more than four decades. Reinforcing the bevy of negative comments at...
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USAA has asked me these same intrusive questions 3 times now. They are about to lose another customer.

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  • Dishonesty
  • Lack of constructive responsiveness
  • Theft of services
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Poor customer service
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Stop coercing response to the intrusive survey
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Why You Cannot Trust Pharmacy Technician Blake Burns, Pharmacy Manager Jonathan Gintonio, and Infinity Compounding Solutions

This is a complaint related to abysmal, unprofessional service - or, more accurately, lack of service - on the part of Infinity Compounding Solutions ("Infinity"). The case relates to an interstate prescription for me authorized by my podiatrist. I was particularly ill-treated by an (alleged) Infinity pharmacist identified as Blake. After some research, I found out that her full name is in fact Blake Richardson Burns; also, according to the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy website, she is not a pharmacist, but instead holds an INACTIVE pharmacy TECHNICIAN license (#PT90308). Beware of her and Infinity Compounding Solutions! Here are the events, in approximate chronological order, latest first: On 22-Feb-2014, at about 10 am Pacific Time, I finally reached Infinity by way of their toll-free number 888.414.5805. Unfortunately, Amanda, with whom I spoke, told me that Infinity's compounding services were closed over the weekend, and that my prescription would not begin to be filled until Monday, 25-Feb-2014. Therefore, the FedEx- or UPS-couriered prescription would not be able to reach me by Monday evening, when I was scheduled to depart for Puerto Rico. I would not be returning to my hometown until 5-Mar-2014. I explained all this to Amanda. Amanda said that Infinity would not send the prescription to an address in Puerto Rico, because it is outside of the United States. Since this would impose an additional delay of at least twelve days not having the pain treatment prescribed by my podiatrist, I reminded Amanda that Puerto Rico is, in fact, a part of the United States, and pressed her to recheck Infinity's policy about whether I could receive my prescription there. Amanda replied that she was just relaying what she had been told. It is crucial to note that Infinity is at fault for my having to call them on a Saturday morning, and for the untenable delay in processing the prescription. Pursuant to Infinity's initial 20-Feb-2014 message to me on my cell phone, I phoned them back, during their advertised hours of operation, only to get an answering machine. Explaining that I do not routinely monitor my cell phone, I left a message asking Infinity to instead ring me at AAA.EEE.NNNN. To the contrary, on 21-Feb-2014, Infinity rang me AGAIN on my cell phone, leaving a message. Once again, I phoned Infinity during their advertised hours of operation, only (once again) to reach an answering machine. For a SECOND time I left a message explaining that I do not routinely monitor my cell phone, and emphasized (again) that Infinity should instead ring me at AAA.EEE.NNNN. You guessed it: Infinity once again called me, for the THIRD time after my telling them not to call me on my cell phone … yet again ON MY CELL PHONE, and contrary to my explicit instructions to ring me at AAA.EEE.NNNN. Infinity Compounding Solutions, including but not limited to an alleged pharmacist named Blake, is culpable of conduct unbecoming. It's tough to resist the temptation to call them idiots. Maybe that's because they ARE idiots. Infinity's embarrassing, unprofessional behavior forced me to seek out an alternative compounding pharmacy, prior to leaving for Puerto Rico. If Infinity cannot be trusted to follow simple instructions recorded via voice mail - and the facts demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that they cannot - then how can Infinity be trusted to fill a prescription to be sent across state lines? Or, for that matter, a prescription filled in the state of Arkansas? The painfully obvious answer: Infinity cannot be trusted. In case you are thinking about doing business with Infinity Compounding Solutions, bear in mind that Infinity's egregious failure to pay attention, as happened in my case, will certainly happen in others. Imagine you or your relatives not having their prescriptions filled in a timely, accurate fashion, all on account of Infinity Compounding Solutions' cavalier, lackadaisical attitude. In my 22-Feb-2014 telephone conversation, I asked to speak to the manager on duty immediately. In response, Amanda passed me over to a lady whom Amanda identified as a pharmacist, and whose name she gave as Blake. Blake refused to entertain my questions, instead claiming that a supervisor named John would contact me Monday morning. This, of course, was too late to remedy the problem. Blake also refused my request to provide me with her license number - which is understandable considering that, according to the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy website, she is not a pharmacist, but instead holds an INACTIVE pharmacy TECHNICIAN license (#PT90308 Without question Blake did everything she could to shirk responsibility. I got the distinct impression that if Blake were actually filling my prescription, she would spit in it. In fact, John (Jonathan David) Gintonio called me the same day … but only after I had filed a complaint with the Arkansas Pharmacy Board. John's vacuous apologies did nothing to make things right. Also, while he did provide me with Blake's last name, John failed to mention the discrepancy between Amanda representing that Blake is a pharmacist, and the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy website reporting that Blake Burns in fact holds an INACTIVE pharmacy TECHNICIAN license (#PT90308 John is the Pharmacy Manager at Infinity, and should be held accountable for the ineptitude of his telephone message handlers, as well as his weekend staff. Moreover, John had to know know that Blake is not a pharmacist (as misrepresented by Amanda), and that Blake's pharmacy TECHNICIAN license has lapsed. On this basis I accuse Infinity of committing fraud, and am amending my complaint to the Arkansas Pharmacy Board: if their website is accurate, then they should pursue criminal charges against Infinity, Blake Burns, and John Gintonio. Why risk your health on a pitiful operation like Infinity Compounding Solutions? Get your prescription filled elsewhere.
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Seriously? You're going to whine because you KNEW you were going out of CONUS and didn't bother to get your medication refilled in a timely manner, AFTER initially providing the pharmacy with a phone number you "don't routinely monitor"?

What are you, SOS?

This is just about the most trifling, ridiculous thing I've read in a long time. It's time to grow up, pal, and consider some self-accountability.


Sounds like a rightful disgruntled customer. Pharmacy techs are a bit over no nimum wage workers and I am not surprised that good ones are looking for better paying jobs and bad ones are more and more in the field.

Pay more money and you will keep the passionate ones that care and deliver superior customer service.

Been a tech for over 7 years and know that even McDonalds pays more money. I just lovey patients that's why I stay.


Arkansas state board of pharmacy website states that Blake Burns has an active pharmacy license.

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