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Julia Vaughn aka Judi Vaughn - Unrelenting Harassment from an Obviously Mentally Ill Landlord

In December 2013, my college-aged daughter and I rented a room from Judy Vaughn, having found an ad on Craigslist. It was very large, $400 all bills included, with a $250 deposit. Initially, I declined her offer to take the room. First, we have a dog my daughter uses for emotional support. It is fully house-trained, well-behaved, and quiet. Second, at the time, it was very difficult for me to come up with the entire rent and deposit all at once. Judy was frantic about us moving in the next day. Judy brought up the dog question to her other tenants who rented rooms there, and it was agreed that my daughter, her dog, and me would be offered the room, and Judy would work something out with me so I could make the deposit in payments. Within 48 hours, Judy morphed into this crazy woman. There's no way to describe it that would do it justice. She yelled viciously at me about someone taking her last cup of coffee. I hadn't touched it, so I was confused. She repeated went into our locked bedrooms when we were at work, helping herself to whatever she wanted, then calling us liars when confronted. I used my computer to record her in my room. I went that evening, bought a new doorknob, and installed it. She screamed at me repeatedly the entire two months I lived there, always freaking out about the most random stuff. She hid the remotes, forbid us to use certain doors in the house, stole our mail, and spent a great deal of time trying to hustle us into paying not only our rent, but other expenditures that she was responsible for. When my daughter and I finally moved out, the other two tenants moved with us. She never gave me a lease, yet still tried to send my non-payment to collections. Yet, we are forced to pay her with cash because she hides her income from SS Disability and the IRS. She then doesn't give you a receipt, then conveniently spends the rest of the month swearing you never paid her. She is suing one roommate for a whopping $1700, yet his rent was only $400, and he isn't even a whole month late yet. Crazy. This is a nightmare. I don't suggest anyone get locked in this Nut Hut.
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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma