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My fentanyl patches are not at Walgreens. I am in pain and withdrawl.

Our Walgreens will only dispense 30 days of opioids at a time. You can only get a refill after 29 days. I dropped my refill scrip off 1 week early. I ran out 2 days ago. I need my fentanyl patches for fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I am 70 and in constant pain. I am 100% compliant with my hospital-based pain clinic's treatment plan. I get nerve blocks and trigger point injections. I do my physical therapy as prescribed. How dare corporate Walgreens place barriers between me and my legally prescribed and medically appropriate medication? Why isn't my prescription there for me? How dare Walgreens deny me my medication! What more can I do to prove I am "worthy" of my pain medication?
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If they gave you a 30 day supply (im assuming thats 30 patches) Then you should still have 8 left. Unfortunately because of the few people that have used these medications illegally, these medications are highly controlled and regulated.

Should walgreens break laws for you? Do they doubt you are pain?

No. Their license is on the line.


I dropped off the scrip on the day it was written--7 days before the old one ran out. Seven days later (on the 30th day) my medication was not there at the pharmacy.

It was still not there 2 days later. It was finally there on the 33rd day. I had been without a powerful opioid for 3 days. I do not know what more I could do to secure my medication in a timely manner.

I am a legitimate pain patient who goes through the proper channels to secure my legal, medically necessary medication.

My medication is consistent with my diagnoses. My prescriber is duly licensed in this state. One week should be plenty of lead time for a pharmacy to secure a medication that is a continuing dosage.

(If it were not an opioid, we would call it a refill.)

The only explanation I can come up with is that Walgreens has decided--as corporate policy--to deny its patients proper pain management.


@Elizabeth Kaffitz

The rules as far as only being able to fill 30 days of narcotics at a time, no call in refills, only refill after 29 days, etc aren't specific to Walgreens. All pharmacies have to follow those laws for certain classes of drugs.

Now if you handed in the written prescription 7 days prior to when you could refill, then yes they should've had the prescription ready by day 29 for you to pick up. One reason why maybe it wasn't ready in time is you are a new customer to them (or this is the first time you are trying to fill this particular medication). If you are a new customer, and because of the amount of pain meds the prescription is written for, they may call to verify the prescription with your doctor's office. If they have to leave a message and wait for your MD to call back, that sets them back a bit.

Also if they don't have the exact amount your prescription is written for at the pharmacy they do have to order it.

If you are going to be on those patches long term it'd be a good idea for you to just find a pharmacy and stick with them. Even though you have to hand deliver the prescription each month they'll come to expect it and have your meds ordered ahead of time.

@Tanishka Bix

Walgreens is our regular pharmacy. This WAS a refill.

We use this pharmacy because, in our small town, Walgreens has the only drive up window. With my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis there are many times when it is just too much to get out of the car and walk through the store.

I truly believe that 7 days is plenty of time for them to secure what was actually a refill for a long term (since the day they opened) customer.

At one time, I was on 150 mcg/hr of fentanyl. My present dosage is only 25 mcg/hr. I am 70 and have been in pain for 42 years.

My pharmacist greets me by name when I walk in.

The techs are digging in their bins for all our scrips as soon as they see me. I am not some stranger.

This was inexcusable.


Yes they want you to be in PAIN. THIS PLACE SUCKS.

they will make you wait because they HAVE THE GOD COMPLEX!! terrible company RUN TO A LOCAL PHARMACIST THAT CARES!!



There is an ethical local pharmacist who cares. Unfortunately, he works at Walgreens.

(I go there because of the only drive up window in town.) I know that it hurts him to follow the corporate line.

I do understand that the company was fined for lax dispensing of opioids, but this is overkill. I am probably the poster child for a legitimate pain patient.

Thank you for your concern.


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