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Greentree Servicing - Green Tree Servicing LLC. has done it again

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! Green Tree Servicing LLC. Has done it to us again. In the beginning They told us to go ahead and pay the mortgage while the divorce was going on. Then they called and told us they couldn't work with us our name wasn't on the home. Next came the phone call saying we owe $1200+ in back mortgage and that they will work with us so we can keep the house. We paid the money then we get a call about they want another $$BIG$$ payment. We are pretty much broke at this point. SOOO... we move out. 2 years later after at least 10 harassing phone calls a day for 2 years yet our name is not on the mortgage. Told us we could go ahead and Get our house out of foreclosure. That was won In a Divorce. They said pay $1200 on what payments have been missed and $400 a month on the mortgage. The rest will be put in the arrears. Well we have moved in paid the $1200 paid the mortgage. And come 5 months later they call us telling us we have to pay $2500 now or the house will go back into foreclosure. This is happening Because the manager that made us this deal has been moved up in corporation and the new manager doesn't like the deal that was made with us Over 5 months ago. And finally the owner on this home called them not but a week ago to sign off on the house so we can deal with it. (Took his *** 2 yrs) We wanted to try to get our home back. After all my child and I have grown up in this house and in the house 3 lots over. (That we ended up selling after my grand parents passed.) WELL GUESS WHAT? GREEN TREE You wont get a dime. We had to redo the plumbing, new toilets, the fixtures in the house, hall trash out. (Mind you when the house was in foreclosure the first time some one came in and used the place as a flop house and stripped the house of all doors, most windows, plumbing ECT.....) I'm taking everything that wasn't here when we moved in. I hope they like trying to sell a dust property with a breezy shell on it. Share this and if some one mentions GREEN TREE SERVICING LLC Run for your LIFE!!
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Overgaard, Arizona
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