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Roca Labs - Lost only 60 lbs, they promised 100 lbs+

Hi my name is Jennifer and I would like to share my Roca Labs review. I’ve been fat for some time now and I wasn’t able to lose the extra pounds. I tried dieting, working out and everything, but there was no progress. I needed to lose more than 100 lbs. 5 months ago I searched the web for some weight loss programs and I ran into Roca Labs. I kept on digging about the product and saw that they can help me lose that 100+ pounds, so a month later I ordered mine. I used it and the results were great! It made drastic changes in my eating habits. I didn’t have cravings anymore and I ate half of what I did before. For the first month I lost nearly 20 lbs and I was very happy about my purchase. The second month I lost another 20 lbs! In my third month I was down another 10 lbs, so that was 50 lbs under three months! Awesome :) At the end of my fourth month I lost another 10 lbs and my weight loss STOPPED. I’ve decided to get myself more of the formula. I called them and explained my situation. They said that additional supply cost $140. What?! I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard! They don’t provide me with the promised results, and now I have to pay extra for it?! I felt really angry! They should give me the additional supply for free because I did everything right the first time, and I’m still stuck with extra 40 lbs.
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Why would you expect the company to send you more product if you don't pay for it. That's like going to a restaurant and asking for an additional meal and not expecting to pay for it.


Wow! You should be happy at what you did.

Stop blaming others for your problems.

The product worked for you, just sounds like you needed more time. The good news is you talked me out of the product because it obviously caused you to lose some brain cells.......


Why is the original poster "Christopher Davis" who says that "his" name is "Jennifer", and then Christopher and Jennifer trade comments? Does someone have multiple personalities?


@OP Are you even *** serious?...

Why would they GIVE you more ***. Or do you think the *** manufactures itself free of cost?

IF all you do is eat and you don't exercise how the heck are you going to lose as much weight as you're thinking?

Get off your *** and get real. It's likely this same unrealistic approach to life that got you overweight to begin with.

:roll :roll


Are you retarded?


Jennifer: Do you realize that it is extremely unrealistic to think that you would lose 100 lbs. in only 4 months???

Come on, really! And even if you could do it, any doctor would tell you that it is extremely UNHEALTHY to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. I'm surprised you didn't know this. Actually, Jennifer, 60 lbs.

is A LOT of weight to lose in just 4 months, which most people who go on a diet do not achieve! You lost an average of 15 lbs./month, when doctors recommend no more than 10 lbs./month, so what are you complaining about, girl??? You are ahead of the game, and so what if you have to buy more product? At least you know it works, and it helped you lose more than the average person, so you shouldn't be unhappy or so critical of the product.

So, I say stop *** and complaining, buy MORE product and continue taking it until you reach your goal!


You should be happy that you lost weight at all. You see that the silica is working for you, and why is a problem if you pay extra?

maybe you should thought about this maybe the 100+ lbs weight loss in an average and it depends on your attitude to the product and whether you follow the program 100% or maybe 60%. if you think that simply taking the silica will hepl you lose weight, you're wrong. on their website they clearly say that you should work out also. a woman who went through the entire program also says that.

so she has actual experience! here, take a look for yourself


your an ***


Hi Jennifer. I feel your frustration.

The same thing happened to me! I didn't lose the weight they said and they asked for more money when I wanted additional supply.

It was not that long ago, and I still don't know what to do.

What happened to your case? You paid them or still stuck on the weight you achieved?

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