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Lost only 60 lbs, they promised 100 lbs+

Roca Labs #776050
Hi Christopher. I didn't have any other choice but to purchase the additional supply! I wanted to lose the remaining weight so bad that I finally paid them! And I continued with the program but for some reason, I'm losing weight at a slower rate right now :(
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they may give u the first batch to help u loose really well, then break it back some, so u don't loose so fast, it is unhealthy to loose that fast, :zzz congrats on the weight loss tho, great job! ,) but ur co dependency on this stuff has to end, start learning how to eat right while ur on it if u haven't already, so when u reach ur goal and stop taking it, u won't go right back to eating bad foods, and eating to much, I know I too am over weight and have been trying to find out about this stuff. but don't want to get ripped off, just can't trust ppl anymore with our health. Good luck to ya girlie
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Roca Labs #775657
Don't know about you, but I didn't have that problem with Roca Labs. They were supportive all the way!
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