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Belleza Jewelry - Belleza sent me my bracelets!!!!

My problem was NOT Belleza. My problem was with DealChicken! I had the same problem getting a hold of customer service through DealChicken that others mentioned. I never had a problem contacting a person through Belleza. Teresa and others I spoke with were always very professional & understanding. They donated $10,000 to Susan G. Komen for cancer awareness, but DealChicken did not pay Belleza their money due them for the sale of the bracelets. It took 3 months to receive mine because Belleza was overloaded with so many sales, yet not receiving their money from DealChicken in order to produce all the orders received. I have 6 friends in the community where I live. All of them received their bracelets in one to two months, and EVERYONE is very happy with theirs. I feel sorry for Belleza because of all the the bad reviews Belleza is receiving. I, & all my friends are Very happy with our bracelets. The owner of Belleza was very gracious and understanding when I spoke with her on the phone about the delay of my order. I receive it within 4 days after I spoke with her. I Would/Will order from her company again. As far as I see, None of this was her Belleza's fault. Belleza did not scam anyone, DealChicken DID. Oh yes, the quality of my bracelet is equal to that of Brighton Jewelry. I truly love both the main bracelet & the bangle. Marje
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I purchased a daily deal voucher for the Rainbow Loom kit from Belleza Jewelry. Dec 7th was the transaction date, Dec 9 I was charged shipping for the item.

I rec'd an email a few days before Christmas stating they were overwhelmed with orders and if you didn't receive a tracking number by the end of business that day, you would not get it in time for Christmas. I understood. Two weeks pass by, and another email comes to say "oops, sorry, we are not honouring Moolala or DealChicken vouchers, so email them for refunds. We will be issuing shipping refunds." I emailed and called, and called and emailed, to no avail.

Weeks later and I still have no shipping refund. I have long since rec'd my refund from for the initial voucher purchase. I'm glad you had a good experience, but I feel this company is fraudulent. How many times can you do daily deals and then get overwhelmed and reneg!?

Honestly, it's bad business. I have filed fraud reports with Mastercard. I am not alone. It was NOT the dailydeal site, it was Belleza who did not honour or follow up with their services.

Do not blame DealChicken, if it was Belleza that told you that line of horse manure. :(


I have purchased two items from Bellezza, (1) the breast cancer bracelet and (2) a bracelet/earring set. The BC bracelet was delayed due to high volume of orders.

This I could understand. The bracelet was beautiful and many of us are involved/associated with BC patients. However, I DID receive it a couple weeks ago. The bracelet is beautiful, not cheap-looking or *** made.

It is wonderful. The crystals are beautiful and surpasses my expectations.

The bracelet/earring set was sent back in October or November but has been lost in the postal system. Since FedEx and UPS had issues with Christmas mailings, I was not surprised the USPS had issues also.

Every time I have contacted Bellezza, Teresa has replied in a timely manner and has been extremely polite. I am glad that I did not see the bad reviews before I purchased the items as I may have been scared off from purchasing them.

But then, I would not have been able to enjoy the beautiful, well-crafted bracelet that I purchased from them. I will purchase again in a heart beat.

Beautiful jewelry and polite people. Better than a lot of other companies I have had to deal with.


I'm glad your situations worked out in your favour. They have scammed way too many clients overall.

It is 4 months later, I hear nothing from them, I have no refund on my shipping for an item they said they could not deliver on. Lost by USPS? Doubtful.

Probably never sent. That's a convenient excuse, blame someone else for bad business practices.

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