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Second Street Auto Sales, Manchester, NH Sold me damaged car and will not honor warranty!!

Update by user Jan 14, 2014

After speaking and working with the two owners Mike & Bruce, we came up with a solution and they did honor their warranty and paid for the repair of my Toyota Sequoia. I am very grateful to both of car is now happy and I am now a very happy customer.

Second Street Auto Sales is the best. If you ever do have a problem with your purchase, go directly to one of them for help.

They really do want to make you happy and do the right thing. -kblanch

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Filed against : Second Street Auto Sales 1000 Second St Manchester NH 03102 Complaint Description: On December 29th, 2013, I Purchased two vehicles from Second Street Auto Sales in Manchester, New Hampshire. One was a 2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited and the other a 2006 SAAB S-3 T2.0. The Toyota was delivered to me damaged and dealer refuses to honor warranty as was stated to us prior to sale. This means that the sale and warranty for both my vehicles have been misrepresented. The dealer had an advertised deal for a 2007 Toyota Sequoia which stated a 30-90 Day limited warranty. Believing that this was a good vehicle and was under warranty we took a ride up from Mass to the New Hampshire dealership. When I specifically asked the salesperson (Jeff )about the warranty he stated that any issues with either car would be fixed by the dealer within 30-90 days or 1000 miles at no cost to me. We purchased both vehicles, but did not take possession of the two cars that day as both needed some minor repairs done to them. The Sequoia also had a noticeable tire pressure light warning on the dashboard which Jeff said was a sensor which he would replace before delivering the to me. It also had a bad CDROM drive which was part of the Entertainment system and a CD missing for the Navigation system. He said these too would be fixed. The SAAB had a dent and some dings on the front bumper and a control arm issue. The salesperson said these would be taken care of before delivering to us. The dealer also agreed to deliver both cars to my residence in Mass. and in return, I offered to give them my 2002 Toyota Sienna to ride back in. Furthermore, I told the dealer that they could keep my Toyota Sienna, if and only if, they delivered my two cars down to me with both vehicles in perfect working order and in pristine condition. On Saturday Jan 4th, 2014, I was contacted by Jeff and he said that he wanted to bring down the Sequoia as it was ready and was afraid that if it stayed up in the lot someone could damage as they were expecting a big snow storm. This was not the original deal, which was to have both cars delivered at the same time, but I agreed that it may be best and we could certainly use the car to cart around the kids. Jeff calls me back and says that he did not know that my town in Mass was so far of a drive and he now wants to be compensated monetarily ($100.00) to deliver the car to me. I was furious and told him to forget it and that I would pick up the car myself. Jeff comes anyway and delivers the car and my wife gives him $50.00 for his time. He tells my wife that he came alone, instead of having one of his coworkers come with him in another car, and needs to take the minivan back with him for a ride. He explains that is why he wanted the $100.00 to split with his coworker to come with him and drive him back. My wife reluctantly agrees and allows Jeff to take our 2002 Toyota Sienna for the ride back up to Manchester, NH. The next morning, I take alook at the Toyota Sequoia that Jeff had delivered and take it for a drive and it is bouncing all over the place. Something is not quite right with it. Not only that, but the Tire pressure warning light is still visible. I am in total disbelief that the first time I get to drive it, it already has a problem and the other problem with the tire sensor is still there. What are the odds of that? I place a call into Jeff and he admits that he noticed the tire light came back on. I asked him if he done anything to fix it and he tells me that he just pushed the reset button on the car, but did not have the sensor replaced which we had agreed upon. I ask him about the car jumping all of the place and whether there was an issue with the Air Suspension on it. He says he does not know anything about that issue and that I should have it looked at by a Toyota dealership. Thinking that the car is under warranty, I bring it into a Toyota dealership . They immediately diagnose the issue as a problem with the "Ride Height Sensor" and provide me with an estimate of $653.84 to fix it. Without this repair the car is not drivable and dangerous to operate. I call Jeff and let him know that a major problem has been found with the car and ask him how does Second Street Auto Sales want to handle it? Should the Toyota dealership fix it and Second Street Auto pay them directly or do they want to have the car towed up to Manchester, NH and do the work themselves. Jeff tells me he will call me back, but does not. Jeff tells me that there is no warranty. Your Desired Resolution: I am speechless. Jeff misrepresented this warranty to both me and my wife. Their website (below link) specifically shows my car and says 30-90 day Limited warranty.****.html/ My wife and I have not even picked up the 2nd car we bought from them(2006 SAAB S-3 T2.0). I am very concerned that this will have some type of uncovered issue as well and feel helpless and at the mercy of this dealership. I am at wits end could really use some help to resolve this issue with this Second Street Auto Sales, Inc. After, purchasing two cars, not one but two, I would like them to honor their warranty and pay the cost to have my Sequoia fixed. Can someone please call me and or email me to help deal with this used car dealership. Please. The main issues are: They did not disclose that the Sequoia was damaged and misrepresented the 30-90 day Limited Warranty to me. The cost to fix is $653.00. They have not delivered the 2nd car (SAAB) which was part of the deal and agreed upon and decline to honor this too. I must go up to Manchester, NH and pickup the vehicle. Last, They took my minivan under false pretenses and expect me to sign ownership of it over to them without fulfilling their part of the bargain. And, that was delivering both cars to me at my home in perfect working order and in pristine condition and honoring any warranty work that may be needed in the first 30-90 days or 1000 miles. I do not think it is unreasonable to expect that when purchasing a car from a dealer that you actually get a working vehicle for more than one day. I take that back as the Tire warning light was also on when starting up the car for the first time and this was supposed to be fixed too. Do not let Second Street Auto Sales induce you into buying a car (or two) because they have stated that it has a does not! ****Buyer Beware****
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Hey Guy,

Yes, Second Street Auto in Manchester, NH is the worst used car dealership around. Everyone in NH knows about them and steers clear, it's just too bad people in bordering states don't know the real deal.

Hate to say it, but always get their false promises in writing and have your own mechanic check before buying from one of these *** used car salvage selling dealers!!

Last, you should contact the following agencies for help:


2)NH Attorney Generals Office

3)State of NH DMV, Dealer desk

4) Get a lawyer and file lawsuit against dealer.

Good luck, hopefully it works out and you get your money back or the dealer decides to come clean and do the right thing.

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Manchester, New Hampshire