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John Elway Chevrolet - My daughter purchased a new car from John Elway in Denver

My daughter Cynthia purchased a new car from the John Elway in Denver from the manager Chris. She originally purchased a used car from them and it kept breaking down. It was a Chevy Malibu. Finally they replaced it but now are demanding $500 before releasing the date the Malibu was returned to them to Farm Bureau. My auto insurance has been suffering due to these guys. They said they faxed the information regarding the date to the Insurance Company several times but our agent never received it with the date the Malibu was returned to them. This has gone on now for 4 or more months. I ended up having to pay another month of insurance on the car that had already been returned to them. How can they get away with this when my daughter made it clear she had no down payment. My daughter and I both are trying so hard to pay our bills on time and rebuild our credit. This company has John Elway's name on it and yet they have treated my daughter like she' a worthless customer. She returned the car to them earlier this year and we've had nothing but trouble since then. She makes her car payments on time, I am her co-signer. How can they treat folks like this?
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Sounds like you need to pay your bills and figure life out. YOU CANCEL the policy when you turn it in ...

c'mon. We all buy cars and this is not the dealers or insurance companies issue ..

this is your issue and it looks like you are wanting something else for free from them. :roll


Um.. for your information we have tried for months to cancel the policy and they won't until they (farm bureau) get the date the car was returned to them.

Gee you must be God or something to come down on me so hard. And another thing. WE PAY ALL OUR BILLS ON TIME YOU ***. What do you think we want for free?????

We didn't ask for anything for free. They are asking for $500 now just to release the information to Farm Bureau. Sounds like John Elway Dealership wants something for free. Or can you read?

I already mentioned that. We returned a car that didn't work to them. She got another car that does work and she PAYS THE BILL EACH MONTH ON TIME. Can you read????

We don't want anything except to be treated fairly. Sounds like you sit and criticize others without a clue of what's going on. You were such a help just to criticize. *** on a lemon.

Go look down your nose at someone else. :eek


another thing... My oldest was recently murdered after being gang raped.

You are a judgmental negative hateful person who needs to keep your opinions to yourself.

With folks like you around who needs to figure life out when we can just go on here to get judged by folks like you. Oh btw you need to pay your bills on time and stop judging me.

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