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Charles Tyrwhitt Ripped Me Off

Charles Tyrwhitt #761384
I just received my three dress shirts (from the promotional offer) in less than a week. I cannot tell you how happy and pleased I am. Obviously, I am concerned about fit when ordering online, and material, since I am not in a store to handle the fabric. My favorite men's store is Paul Stuart in New York. So, I believe I can say with some authority, these shirts are exceptional, in material, soft, yet with a weave that I know will maintain shape; the fit is body hugging (I ordered slim fit), the neck and sleeve exactly as described (sometimes sleeve length can be too long) and the most handsome designs. Again, I will use the word "cannot" wait to wear these shirts. When (I say when because it will not be "if"), I am asked where I found these shirts, I know I will be tempted not to answer. There is my only quandary, how do I answer?
Ron Woody52
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