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Legacy Housing Outlet - NO REFUND!!

We went in on Friday November 15 2013, to see if we could get approved for a home. We got approved and a price on a home and we told him we would discuss it over the weekend, he told us he could only hold the price if we put down a PRE-Deposit of $500. We were really worried about spending that money but he said it was the only way to hold the price. After debating on it he said look if you decide over the weekend that you cant do it then all you have to do is come back and we will return your money. I said OK so we can get our money back if we change our mind? he said yes your not signing a contract its only a PRE-Deposit and we only charge a 5% charge if we go through the entire processing of finding land and paperwork and then you back out. So that made us feel better like we had nothing to lose. I went to work on Monday and was told our hours would be lower through the holidays because less jobs are coming in so I called the sales guy and told him it wasn't a good time and we needed our money back. He said OK but you need to come fill out a form and it will take 14-21 days to get it back and they will charge about $20 to return it!! I filled out the form on November 20 2013 and today is December 17 2013 and we still have not received our money. Every time we call they tell us they will find out and call us back, we have never gotten a call back they just keep blaming it on corporate and saying they will call them and still nothing. This is Ridiculous it was a debit card transaction I don't understand what could take so long and I have seen other reviews of people not getting their PRE Deposit back too!
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This review does not involve Legacy the manufacturer but instead an independently owned home retailer. Glad you were able to get your money back.


I read the reviews, I went ahead and attempted to buy from this company. Within the allowed time, I asked for a refund.

I was also told 14-21 days. I have not received my money and wonder who to contact next about this situation.

@Sameera Hqt

Ya after after a month of going back and forth with them he finally said well all I need is the card info you used to pay and the refund will go back to it! I had been calling and dealing with them for a month why couldn't he tell me that the month before when I signed the refund paper and gave him the receipt! After giving him my card info I got the refund in like 3 days.

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