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Petco - Okay so I lied

My name is Heather G. I was an employee at Calumet City Illinois and I was recently terminated because of a customer complaint. I made a post about three days ago April 22 2020. There I claimed that the manager at the Calumet City Illinois location was rude to an elderly customer.. I made a post about how she yelled at an elderly and disabled customer when the elderly and disabled customer asked her for help.I am the one that was rude to her. Quite frankly if she cannot shop without help she should have a nurse shopping with her. It was not my fault. I had a bad day. My boyfriend broke up with me because I told him he was being cheap and not spending enough money on me. I was in a bad mood when I came in to work. Then this elderly lady kept asking the same questions over again. I had enough and I yelled back at her. She started crying. A few other customers who overhead me reported me to the manager. The manager from Calumet City Illinois fired me for talking rudely to her and making her cry. I then got upset and lied and claimed that it was her who was rude to the elderly and disabled. I later made a confession. The story does not end here. Now someone else who has a lot of time on their hands is pretending to be me. They are saying that the manager was rude and claiming to be the OP. (me) Let me put this straight. From now on I will be signing when I post. If there are replies from pissedconsumer with a random number at the end that is not by me. If it is under Heather G I made that post. One more thing. I really liked my job. Please give me my job back. It is not my fault that some of the customers are idiots.
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Calling your customers idiots, yeah this will really help you get your job back.

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Thornton, Illinois
  • I liked my job
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please give me my job back and fire or transfer the manager from Calumet City Illinois