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Car Castle Inc. of Bellerose NY scammed me

Сastle Сars #746414
Purchased 2006 Jaguar in July 2013, When I was road testing the car I noticed the low water light was on. I told Carl and he told me he was driving the car and there is something wrong with the sensor, When I got home the car wash overheating. I checked the water level and it was low by 1/2 gallon. Besides that I checked the trunk there was no spare tire or jack and no owners manual. How *** was I. I took the car to Jaguar and they told me I had a blown head gasket, at the very least it would cost $6,500.00 to fix, that is if there was nothing else damaged. I called them and they told me I purchased the car as is. I told Carl I was going to sue the, he told me he would dance me around in court until I am Broke. Long story short, I did sue and won the case. They have to according to the NYS Lemmon law pay me back what I paid, My Legal fees and interest on all the money. This was awarded to me 3 weeks ago. My lawyer is in the process of getting the sheriff to either attach their bank accounts or place leans on their inventory. Un fortunately I paid them with the proceeds from the insurance co with their check. If any one who reads this post could help us out with High Speed Motors or Car Castle bank account numbers you would help putting these thieve out of business for good. Thank You
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