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Costco/Kirkland Dog Food Killed My Dog!

Costco #746003
We had a very similar situation with our dog as well. Thankfully we figured out it was the food in time to save her, but the symptoms you described were similar in our yellow lab - and were getting progressively worse as I tried to determine what was causing the issue. Imagine my surprise when we switched dog food and she started to show signs of improvement - and then with the help of our vet she is finally starting to return to her normal self. Buy whatever brand of dog food you'd like - but be aware that some companies don't have the same quality control measures in place that we might think they do. I personally see my dog as a member of my family, and will NEVER feed her Kirkland or diamond brand dog food again.
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So glad that you found out in time. :)
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Ron & Caroline Powell

Diamond Pet Foods #745747
Caroline - is there any way I can reach you directly? I think this food poisoned our dog as well.
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