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Trader in pajamas will make you lose your pajamas

I started with 200 dollars and did well for awhile ( a lot of luck and my own nerve), getting my balance up to 1360 dollars. There were quite a few times that I had to go past step four, but I still did O.K. But then the reality of the system set in.... I lost ALL of my money in roughly four hours. I was still optimistic enough to try again, so I put in another 600 dollars. This time, there was no luck for me.... I lost it all again using this bogus system. Beware.... SAVE YOUR MONEY!!
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OK, what I'm trying to figure out (this dan has fuzzy math) is, is when you do the 12/28/70/150 and add 10.dollars to that can someone please help me out with that?? Here is what I came up with adding 100.

dollars to his system. 120./280./440./600. lmk what you think?? Also I don't think it's a scam at ALL, those ppl in the comments above that lost all their money were not investing smart at all.

You have to be really smart about it! for instance when u come upon a trade and 50% say up & 50% say down you dont bet on it!!! He even says that in the video! You wait intill there is a bet when at least 70-100% say go for it.

When the odds are way in your favor. You do NOT keep going through the steps 1-4 if the odds are *** or tight!!!!!


I never invested when the odds were even close..... EVERY TIME I invested according to the formula, the odds were supposedly well in my favor.

Believe me when I say this. There were times when the odds were at least 85% in my favor when I lost SEVEN in a row!! Now, you can go ahead with the system if you choose.... I followed it to a tee and lost every thing I initially put in and then an additional amount I put in.

Perhaps your explanation may fit some people, I don't know. When I look back I realize how foolish I was.... If this system worked as it claims, everyone would use it. There are expert investors that study everything and still lose money.

There is more to binary options than the trader in pajamas entails and I learned the hard way.

For you to assume what other people did is ridiculous and to post it is insulting. I wish you luck....


How did you lose your money though?

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