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Line X - Scams by spray lining franchises, Line-X Scorpion RHino

Line X - Scams by spray lining franchises, Line-X Scorpion RHino
Do not get sucked into a franchise you cannot manage because of cut throat profits and unfair treatment of dealers. Not only that type of behavior, but also hiding information about the safety of polyurea has caused a lot of health problems because of impoper information about precautions and protective equipment required during the spray process, like booth, respirators, suits, etc. Before this safety-scam of hazardous spray-lining formulas was Speedliner, Super Liner (also known as Viper), Scorpion Coatings - also known as Als Liner for a tiny quantity at Rip Off rates with cheap (Harbor Freight) hopper gun for $55 (Harbor Freight sells em for $25). These poor-mans spray-on linings are not the worst quality if you're trying to start a low cost bedliner business. Just realize that if you get busy a true franchise has its advantages. One is ethics: All these low cost imitations prove, "You get what you pay for", that is LESS QTY FOR HIGHER PRICES WITHOUT FULL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS OF CARCINOGENIC INGREDIENTS. Other Spray-on Scams are poor boy's customer support services. You, the businesspersons are not the only victims of Line-X imitators scamming you into believing you're buying a high-quality Spray-Lining product at OEM cost. How 'bout your customers? Simple: Lower quality bedliner at higher price with less technical support translate to improper preparation, low mil heights, i.e. THINNER bedliner than required for great lasting lining jobs, and less product qualities than the Poly Hybrid or Polyurea Spray-on Lining that Line-X require. Therefore Spray Lining complaints not only scam your business clientele, without full disclosure of potential cancer these are worse than complaints of the Spray Lining product; this is 100% professional, white collar criminal! So, do your research on materials, equipment, policies, franchise requirements, sales volume, material ordering minimums. Please, do this or be prepared to fight franchisors for your fair portion of profits and battle insurance companies for treatment caused by exposure. These are serious issues with very serious impacts on the public and very importantly the working middle class.
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I know some of the issues my dad had with starting a bed liner business involved franchise and equipment primarily. The biggest issue seemed to be how to compete with Ultimate, Line-X, and RHino Lining polyurea hybrid materials.

THe equipment is really expensive and the return on investment was over 2 years. The contracts the Line-X wanted us to sign pretty much had us giving up all of our rights to free enterprise once in a franchise. If he left the franchise we would not be able to compete locally. We had restrictions on material minimums without penalties.

This kind of *** got my dad thinking this was all a scam. So, we just went with a high end polyurethane and a hopper gun system. Yeah, we had some complaints about set time and vertical running in the beginning, but once we tweaked everything, the complaints stopped. So, now we are happy that we are NOT in a franchise scenario with anyone.

And if you think the RHino Linings does not hold you back because of no franchise agreement, you are incorrect.

Always read the fine print. Don't get scammed.

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