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Dean Graziosi - What happens at free seminar and 3 day seminar

Read this if you are going to a free event. You will know what your in for beforehand and then you can make your own decision... I got a package in the mail saying you have been invited to a free event. I went to that It was more based on selling you their their 3 day seminar but there was a little information shared. THey would like you to sign up for a 3 day event that will cost you almost 2 grand. I did sign up and went to the 3 day event. During the event you will learn some buying and selling techniques but as I rather quickly discovered that there was going to be something else they wanted to sell you. Some people did not realize what was coming and were surprised when I told them to look for signs like mentioning software and mentors quite frequently. I was a bit annoyed by the whole thing I came to learn not to be up sold. On day 2 it finally was said that they offer mentoring and the software they had been mentioning. The cheapest package was 11000 (eleven thousand) and went up from there. That was quite shocking to a lot of people. Now having a mentor I believe is a good thing and I paid for a package to help me move farther along in my bushiness. Talking with people that could barley afford the first seminar and being asked to pony up more cash for better service is a bit hard to see. I promised some people from my class that they were free to come to my house and use the software and when I get better to help them out. I am lucky I have extra money to spend but In all honesty you could find some of the same techniques on the net if you searched for them and could use the 2 grand to do some investing. Bob During the seminar they keep saying anyone disgruntled could write a complaint but I am actually going on with his program I just would like others to be aware of what happens at one of these events
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Hey Bob,

How are things going now, two years later?

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