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American Income Life - Unethical Business Practices at AIL Erie

Hi, RushinRusian. Thanks for sharing your experience. We assure you this is not associated with our Company.
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I am not a consumer, just a former employee. I would like to file a complaint regarding their practices, because I do not believe that his company honestly deserves to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

When I was hired, I was promised riches beyond measure, and that it could all be achieved easily. I was told that I was self-employed and my hours were my own. I quickly discovered that once you are hired, Casey Kunash, Dan Nebraski, and Andrew Wagner are on your back constantly. They dictate when you have to be in the office, when you make calls, and how you act. I know people who are truly self-employed, and they never have anybody else telling them what do to, when to do it, or how to do it.

Also, when you are making calls on call nights, which are Monday and Thursdays (and sometimes Sundays when people normally get home from religious services, which I thought was very rude), you mislead the person you are talking to by offering them "no-cost" benefits, which are: A health services discount card (no one ever uses it). a "Child Safe Kit" (they then collect references "sponsors" from you as more leads).

"Employees" are not paid during the first few weeks or so during the training period. It is my belief that the company styles you as self-employed so they do not have to pay you for training, and can just reap the benefits of your work when you finally are licensed. (This is a personal belief, and may not be factual. No accusations.)

Lastly: Drug use. This is a serious to me. While I was working for AIL Erie, my manager, Casey Kunash, as well as others in the office, would routinely smoke marijuana before coming into meetings, and going to make sales. Some after work is okay, I guess, but when you abuse drugs during work hours, it is very unprofessional.

Do not expect to be with this company for more than three months. Most people see through their deceptions soon enough, but some stay on. If you are successful, then I congratulate you on "making it." I just do not want to be known as an unethical and dishonest person.


Since I have no proof (video, pictures, or audio recording) of drug use at this company (other than what I personally witnessed), I retract my previous statement. I realize that this could be seen as slanderous, and I did not intend to put them in a negative light. I would go back and delete that part, and rewrite it, but this website does not allow that.


I work for the company and I agree nobody should be subjected to that type of work environment I would report them to their SGA. If that is Simon's deal they will be dealt with appropriately.

Putting peoples names on the internet and accusing them of drug use with no proof is called slander and discredits whatever relevance your posting has.

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