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Hello everyone my name is Jerome, and I hardly complain about anything, I am a devote catholic a proud member of the knights of Columbus, a true gentleman, I was 6 foot 2 inches, and weight 288 lbs, I was teased my entire life about being overweight, I tried jenny craig, nutria system, and nothing worked, I was a former full back for the university of Michigan, and got injured, since then I developed fibromyalgia, so that is how I got overweight, I am a professional jazz bass player and singer and needed to lose the weight and wanted to get to about 215 to 220 so I tried roca labs, it was very expensive, after the 3 months I lost about 15 lbs, but I did finish it the day after I was sadded because I really staved myself, anywhy it is the first day I was off the diet in 3 months so I ate a steak sandwich, later that day, my stomach hurted so bad I almost fainted, 2 weeks, later the pain as got worse, I seen 2 doctors, and both said, you may have developed my ulcer, I have to wait a month to go for a colonossky and down my throat. I ask all of you PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ROCA LABS, in 3 days after the un bearable pain started my stomach blow up 5 inches my pants are all tight on me, yet the legs and the butt are big on me. and I am 2 lbs less than I was when I ended the diet, so please I am a young man, if anyone had a issue as I wrote of please get back to me, I have to wait to dec, 12 to have the tests done and the paid is so bad I fainted twice, and I am a strong man, a ex football player, please I am going to be a father, if anyone had these symptoms please let me know thanks and good luck and never go on this diet jerry
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Dear PissedConsumer User:

Not everyone believes you should have the right to express yourself about the companies who take your hard-earned money for their products and services. Roca Labs certainly does not.

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Las Vegas, Nevada April 7, 2014 RE: Complaint Review# 465326 Dear Jerome: I represent Roca Labs, Inc.

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Go *** yourself, you aren't scaring anyone with this spam.


my name is Jerome, my nickname when I played football was jonnieo


Great reply sammieclark1966. I too find the review funny.

First you start the post as Jerome and the author says jonnieo. If you stuck to the product like you stuck to you story... :? My friend went through the whole thing and after 4-5 months she look like a bomb!

:) She followed the instructions, watche the reviews and she did it! She lost 65 pounds and feels great.

And why on earth did you eat a steak sandwich after you were done with the powder? That's just stupind and without any logic!

And like sammieclark1966 said "This entire review stinks". I couldn't agree more.


I have to agree with Margaret, you can develop an ulcer from many things. And really who goes out and eats a steak sandwhich.

This entire review stinks. I have been searching online for all reviews good and bad and I have found many, but some like this one seem to be bull. Post says posted by jonnie and in post says his name is Jerome and than comments as anon!


Nov 11, 2013

I Went to see my Dr.

today after 7 hours in the ER yesterday, both doctors told me that seen so many people in the ER from Roca Labs, I am going to a indoscopic next week, to see if I have a ulcer, my dr, who is one of the best in this state, told me he has see this so many times, PLUS IF YOU HAVE A STOMACH PROMBLEM AND NOT OVER 100 LBS OVERWEIGHT DO NOT USE ROCA LABS, IT DONE ALOT OF HARM TO ME, I HAD 3 MORPHINE INJECTIONS,

Wake up this is fake! Please Pissed consumer we need honest reviews!


Didi you follow their instructions about the silica?

You maybe fainted because you didn't drink enought water. That can happen whether you take Roca Labs or not.

3 months after you ended you diet you eat a stake sandwich.

wow, pretty stupind. the Roca Labs procedure works on shinking your stomach and making you eat less...and you go and eat a stake sandwich.


did you even try to contact their support desk to see what is the problem?


Wow, any updates? I have been researching and have found both bad and good with this company and the weight loss supplement effectiveness, but this is the first I have came across something like this.

Mostly refund issues I have seen. As far as weight loss goes, it seems like anything else if you aren't ready to lose the weight then it won't work. I have seen some really good video success stories, just search on Youtube or even Google and you will find them. This women it says she lost 65lbs, she looks like she still is in the process of losing but it seems to be working for her.

I would like to try it because it seems the positive is out weighing the negative, but I want to gather as much info as possible. I agree with Margaret you can develop an ulcer from many things.


You can get an ulcer from many stuff. Id doesn't mean that you got it from the Roca Labs formula or after you stopped taking it.

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