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Read the info on the link above. What do you mean by "Founded in 2009, we are backed by the smartest mids in SEO, Social Media, and Online Reputation Management." Are mids some new kind of method in SEO?
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comment to review: is a terrible company all around

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Those persons who lost their jobs should get together and start their own company. Perhaps call it "Honest Reputation Management" or something.

I have had 4 different companies here in the Philippines. The hardest thing to find here are people who can speak and write English at a high level. I had to teach all my staff SEO and it was not easy.

Some companies only gear their business towards marking a product and they do not deliver. What a shame because this business will grow 200% or more this year.
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comment to review: is scamming its own employees

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This is a real problem. And, many so called Reputation Companies do the same thing. Most of the people at these companies are not qualified to this kind of work. They are only salespersons. They outsource the work to people who speak little English and those people just build links to websites. It is a sad state of affairs.
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