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President of Photography Company personally attacked Paying customer in email

Please allow ME to elucidate...I am the customer service rep that the above complaint lodger dealt with both on the photo site and in numerous emails after he received his purchased digital download. Allow me to clarify a few things for readers of Mr. Allen's severely edited email exchange.

Mr. Allen came to me at my customer service table on photo day, a day where where we deal with over 1000 players and their parents, and said that he wanted digital downloads but they weren't offered on the order form. I told him that photos are uploaded to our website after all prints and packages are delivered and that he could purchase downloads of his child for $15 per image at that time, but that we don't sell them on site. He said that Mr. Volz already approved selling him a download. I took Mr. Allen at his word and I charged him $15 and told him the digital download of his child would be emailed to him AFTER photos were delivered to his team. He then said he was a coach and he heard he gets things for that. I told him that as a courtesy to coaches, we offer them a FREE team photo and a FREE photo of the coach with their child. Unbeknownst to me, Mr. Allen was already well-a
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