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Thor Industries - Thor Tuscany? Not Worth 1/4 Million +$$$

My house that was built to last longer than 6 months cost only a little more than our Tuscany 2013 made by Thor. We purchased our Thor the end of August of 2013. Today is Nov. 3 of 2013. The auto step had to be fixed even before we purchased the unit. This should have been a warning. We were not even out of the sales lot when we found that none of the Bay keys worked. Within 2 days, we had a list of about 12 items needed for warranty work: A short, non-inclusive list: 1) Large Front Awning (a 40 footer with 3 awnings) would not roll out without using a “stick” as a prod; 2) A leather cushion torn on the slide-out love seat; 3) glue stuck to the bedroom shower which we could not get off; 4) a passenger slide-out that wouldn’t go all the way “In”, leaving about a 2 inch gap; 5) A front door that locked us out 2x when closed from the outside (at a cost of almost $100 for a lock-pick to get us back in); 5) night shades that wouldn’t come up without moving the whole mechanism (really poor planning and quality control); 6) a refrigerator door that came open numerous times (which we were assured it would not do) without putting a bungee cord around it; 7) Passenger front seat foot rest and swivel kept coming loose from the cable and would not work; 8) The cover on the driver’s side storage container (inside) won’t hold anything more than a map without coming off; 9) lights inside generator unit stayed on 24/7; 9) the screen door latch was so far away from the hook, it wouldn’t make a connection and therefore was open all the time. This BRAND-NEW unit was taken to Camping World, where it was purchased, within 1 month with these items and a few more. As a result, Thor has yet to provide approval for the passenger slide to be fixed; the awning works on and off; the cushion still has not arrived; we purchased another front door key to “hide” outside as no one seemed to be able to fix this issue; I’m still trying to get the glue off the shower stall, as that was not addressed at all; The night shades roller was moved (as I had done as a stop-gap measure) to an edge to get it close and we were told it was fixed; We bought a bungee cord for the fridge; Passenger seat worked until we turned it to face the salon TV at which point it became non-working again; the service dept couldn’t seem to find the cover that comes loose (I’m leaving it off for our next trip to Camping World), but the latch was fixed as were the lights on the generator compartment! WWOW: 2 of 9+ items. Today, we were ready to leave our spot in Lakeland and head for the SE coast of Florida when our driver’s side front slide came about 2 inches inches on the top and about 8 inches in on the bottom. No matter what we tried, there was obviously a serious problem. Thor service was TOTALLY NON-RESPONSIVE (it’s now after 8:00 pm; we called them at 10 am) and it’s supposed to be 24/7 support. We called Good Sam Emergency Service and they responded within 30 minutes sending someone to us to see if they could remedy the problem. Much to their credit, they tried but their knowledge of this particular coach and its problems was lacking. Another $450. We called a local Thor Dealer and talked with their tech support. Their suggestion? Leave the slide 3/4 way out and drive it to the local Camping World! EXCUSE ME??? While they said it would be okay to drive with a slide 3/4 of the way out, I don’t think so. Whose responsibility would it be if we got a major traffic ticket for driving an “Over-Wide” load without a permit or someone hit our kitchen and drug it down the highway 1000 feet? That, I must honestly and blatantly say, was the most *** thing I heard all day. When we purchased this unit, we were told that it was made by Thor, the same company that made Airstream and had been in business for decades. This is true. However, apparently their vigor to break into the Class A RV market was ahead of their engineering. Frankly we could have purchased a 40-45 foot unit with as nice of an interior and a much better exterior and “working parts” for the same amount. When a unit sells for $275K, you don’t expect to have serious problems -- especially a slide-out that is stuck 3/4 of the way out -- and get such a serious lack of response from the company. I am well aware that it is a Sunday, but RV’s TRAVEL ON SUNDAYS, all the time and in every state. We could understand and tolerate “break-in” issues as we’ve owned RV’s for 30 years and are aware this goes with the program. However, serious engineering and sloppy work (oh yeah, we loaded a Zip Lock bag full of bolts, screws, plastic parts, what appears to be plastic handcuff parts, etc in the slide roller mechanism of the unit) which is likely to be responsible for the slide coming off it’s rollers, is not expected. Here's the pic: We are dismayed and disgusted in Lakeland, Florida, and still waiting on a call from the "24/7" Thor emergency call line. The unit was purchased at Camping World in Gardner/Raleigh N.C., supposedly "fixed" in camping World out of Asheville, NC and has less than 1000 miles. Gerald & Sheila King
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Sorry to hear you've had so many issues. You went wrong first by going to camping world.

They are the worst. We have a 2015 Thor and love it... We went to Lazy Days in Florida. It was prepared before with got there.

Good luck! With camping world


Once Thor gets your money, it's all over. I have a new Miramar that is absolutely falling apart as it sits in camping world for the last 5 month waiting for the extensive list of repairs to be completed.

I wonder what Thor would do with a class action lawsuit? I am so tired of calling, e-mailing and complaining to no avail.


Thank you for taking the time to warn others.

I was finalizing the purchase of a new Tuscany 45 AT, from MHSRV, but after reading this review along with several others found on RV Forums, etc., I have decided to purchase the other brand we also considered.

However, I am looking at other dealers and will probably buy from someone else who doesn't carry the Thor brand if the price is at all close.

I think consumers need to send a message to the manufacturers (and the dealers that carry their product) that we are tired of poor customer service & quality control. (However, rest assured that I will also stay away from Camping World RV sales, their name appears in far too many of these negative reports.)


Buy a Newmar. We have Dutch Star. Quality is great and the slides are the best in the industry!

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