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Backdrop Outlet - Aweful service

During the Holiday season I ordered some backdrops and some accessories for my camera. The first problem I had was with my my backdrop I ordered it was the wrong one and when I called the 1-800 number and the person on the phone gave me her email address because she wanted me to take some pictures to prove that it was the wrong one. I did that as soon and I got off the phone and it took over a month of me emailing and calling to get a response from the company. Today called the 1-800 number again because I have been waiting on my two orders and I got a response saying that there was never any invoice showing of my order. I have the confirmation email and telling what I ordered so I emailed them to the lady. I am so sick and tired of this company. To all photographers out there don't order from this company. They lose your order and they send you the wrong stuff. When you call them out of it they do not respond to you. You have to threaten them by saying I am going to be telling all my photographer friends and tell them not to order from you any more to get a response from them. If you order from them beware and do not delete your email conformation telling you what you ordered because they lose everything and do not care about it
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Jcpenney Portraits - Still Rude manager

Went back to Jcpenny's recently to have my son pictures done because the company gave me two free sheets for what happened previously. The manager was there but I had my favorite photographer take the photos. While I was in the camera room I over heard her disciplining another employee and while doing that she had another employee point out what that person was doing wrong. When we were all done she had a new girl that was still training edit my photos and try to make the sale. She was so not ready to do this on her own she kept having to stop and restart because she had so many questions. My 4 month son was starting to get cranky and I asked the manager to step in and take over she said no that the girl was going fine. Well no she was not going fine. I understand that the girl needs to train and do the sales on her own but when a costumer ask the manager to step in there is no reason for her to tell you no. She could have pointed out what the girl was doing wrong and just went a little faster. I am so done with this company. I understand the Holiday season is upon us but if you are having new people train the hire them sooner so they are prepared for the rush. She kept trying to push the packages on me but after her comment that the girl was doing fine on her own nope I was not going into a package. I was more then willing to spend money on traditional sheets but instead of getting the traditional sheets I only ended up with my two free sheets because the manager just made me to mad.
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I am sorry to hear about your terrible JCP Portrait studio experience. I quit working at one of the JCP Portrait studios near me in part because of the studio manager's rudeness.

She had no qualms about snapping her fingers at me in the camera room and criticizing me in front of guests

.....while I was taking pictures . She treated me like an ***.

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FedEx Failure

Update by user Dec 04, 2013

FedEx did it to me again. Was waiting on another package to arrive.

I am a photographer and I was waiting on my pictures to come in so I could meet with a client. Waited all day for my package to come and when I went out go get my mail I noticed the sticker on my door waiting for my signature. The person did not ring my door bell at all or even try to knock on the door. So instead of going to get my package I waited until the next day so I could confront the person delivering my package.

This time I got to catch the guy. I watched him through the peep hole in the door and as he was putting my package down I opened the door and confronting the man. I asked him why he keep leaving a sticker instead of ringing my door bell? His response was I did ring your door bell.

Sorry sir no you did not I was home all day long waiting for you. I pushed the door bell and said look it works I can hear it from anywhere in the house try again you did not ring the bell. He got real snotty with me cause he knew I was right. His response was okay its just quicker to leave the sticker and come back later.

I told him I have his name he does it again I am going call the office and complain to his manager directly instead of customer service. He was not happy with me at all but oh well its his job.

Original review posted by user Nov 04, 2013
Today I was home all day long expecting a package from FedEx. When I went outside to put something in my garbage can I noticed the sticker stuck to my door they leave for the person to sign when you are not home. Well I have been home all day long and my door bell did not ring to let me know that FedEx was there. This has happened to me many times. I am a stay at home mom so I am home all the time. There is no reason for FedEx not to ring my door bell. The package that I was suppose to get today was really important and I needed it today. I understand they have a deadline to meet but there is no need to just stick a sticker on the door and walk away. I called customer service to complain about this and to see if they could make the delivery driver bring my package back today and I was told I could pick it up at the store. But the store is 45 mins from my house and I am not going to travel that far. The response I got was I am sorry miss but your package will be delivered tomorrow. Some customer service they have.
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Fedex Delivery Service
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Jcpenney Portraits - Disrespectful photographer

I recently took my daughter to Jcpenny's portrait studio to have her 5 year old pictures done. There were a couple of poses I wanted to have done because I know they come out good and my daughter is comfortable posing like that. When I told photographer this she got a little bit of an attitude because I was telling her what to do. Why I don't know. When we were done in the camera room I told her what I wanted and she was like I have to tell you about the different packages they offer and show me some of the editing they do. I told her I was not interest in any of that. I like my pictures to be natural no editing or any of that. When it came time to order my pictured I told her I wanted the 3.99 sheets and she told me well the pictures look better with the Yevette around them. She was trying to push me into a package. I told her I did not want that. She copped an attitude with me. She must have thought I didn't have a brain or would catch it because I know I can get almost 4x the amount for 100 bucks if I order natural sheets. I know this is probably a company policy to try and get the customer to buy a package but seriously the people need to listen to the customer and what they want. We know what we like and what we want. If you have a little kid showing us all the editing and stuff takes time and the kids get anticy and want to leave and start to nag the parent(s) which makes the parents get mad and can make the company lose even more money on a sale. The company needs to change some if the policies when it comes to ordering pictures. I was going to spend a good amount of money on her pictures but instead I got the bare minimum of what I needed and that was it. I only spent 40 when I was going to spend at least 100.
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Actually, unposed photographs are called Candid. Jcp studios don't encourage this.


Natural means there was nothing done to the picture. No enhancements were made.


I hate to say this ....but the photographer is hemmed in with company policy to sell, sell, sell......yes you are the consumer but she has orders. Thank goodness you stuck to your guns...95% of others cave....and that is what SEARS banks on....I agree with the previous...stay at home.


You started out copping an attitude when you were telling the photographer how to do her job. Most kids pictures turn out better when taken at home, and mostly when they aren't aware that they are being photographed. A natural photograph isn't posed.


If you want "natural" poses, etc. then all you need is a cheap digital camera and take them yourself.

Then, use Snapfish or similar and have them processed into any size and shape you want.

Simple. Why in the world would you spend a hundred bucks on photos of a 5 year old, anyway?

@John N Mzy

Because I need a lot of sheets I have a very large family who all want yearly up date photos. I like to get a couple different poses and let them chose what ones they want

@John N Mzy

Thank you for telling me about snapfish. They seem really reasonable.

I also use artscow and winkflash they are good online photo shops as well.

Artscow if you are a new member they give you 1200 free prints. Also though out the year they have a ton of specials and they give you a ton of credits towards new stuff

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Jcpenney Portraits - Disrespectful manager

I was recently at Jcpenny portrait studio in New Hartford NY I loved my photographer. I thought she did a wonderful job and today I went to pick up my pictures and the manager was showing them to me and pointing out everything that she would do differently and putting the photographer's work down. Also the manager is extremely over weight and has an unpleasant BO smell coming off of her. I will never go back to the portrait studio not after the way the manager handled the situation. Oh I also loved my pictures and would not change them.
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I am sorry, but I am an employee at this studio and the manager is the main photographer, she trains us to take quality photos , it is her job to critique our work and give the customers her personal opinion based on the quality of our work, it is all a part of our training as photographers. Our boss is an amazing photographer and instructor regardless of physical attributes.


Hello photographer! Nice try!

Talking about the manager's weight invalidates your comment. If you ever decide to make a genuine complaint, leave out the school yard stuff and stick to facts.

@Courtnie Vei

Really invalidates my comment then go to the store and deal with the manager and listen to her *** about your photo session and deal standing close to her and smelling her. I am allowed to express my option and state the facts don't like it oh well get over it


No one said you weren't allowed. However, I am allowed as well to express my opinion (or "option" as you call it).

I am trying to help when I tell you the proper way to lodge a complaint. Top three: 1. Don't insult and don't curse - stick to the facts. When you begin to hurl childish insults, they have every reason to shut you out.

2. Don't say you are getting a lawyer - again, they will shut you out and wait for your lawyer to contact their's. 3.

Don't say you will never shop there again - if you aren't going shop there, what reason do they have to help you? These things will help you present your case in a mature, business like fashion, and will be more likely to yield the desired results.


I don't believe this story.

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