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PBs Fences and More - Sloppy, incompetent and incomplete job (out appx $600 so far)

My experience with Mr. Patrick Beals (via Thumbtack) has been highly unsatisfactory; in fact, it has been and continues to be a downright disaster and has, thus far, proved very costly to me. At this point in time, I am out approximately $500 due to Mr. Beals incompetency. Furthermore, he is currently playing the "change address" game which is making a small claims service difficult. I will persevere. On September 11, 2103, I was contacted by "Patrick Beals" whom I subsequently hired, via Thumbtack, to tile and grout a 3x5' area, install sink/toilet lines, set a toilet and install vertical blinds. The next day, Mr. Beals arrived at my house, with his assistant (previously unbeknownst to me that he was bringing an assistant; his brother at that). Upon his arrival, Mr. Beals appeared clueless as to what he was being hired to do. (This was after a phone conversation with him detailing the work I needed and also providing a follow-up email to him, via Thumbtack.) He told me he didn't know I was asking to have tile set and it was obvious as he arrived without the necessary supplies to complete the project (i.e., tile saw, bucket, trowel, markers, etc.). However, I decided to trust what I believed was a legitimate referral through Thumbtack, and as my search in finding a handyman for my small project, has been challenging; I jumped at the chance to get my project completed. Subsequently, I provided what personal supplies I had for Mr. Beals to use for work on my project and he "winged" the rest. I asked if he had ever done tile work before and he reassured me that he had, and that he was, “very good.” He asked for, and I paid him $200 of the $400 we agreed upon for the entire project. Before he left, I mentioned to him that I was concerned that the tiles he set were gaping from the shower stall and he told me I needed to find some "tile edging" and additional mortar so he could mask the imperfections. The same day, I notified both Mr. Beals and "Thumbtack" that I was not at all happy about the way the tile was turning out and that I wanted it removed. I told them that the idea of piece-milling along a shower pan and filling it in with unmatched edging (which was more costly than the original tile); was unacceptable. Also, the tile he set wasn't level; a broken tile was set; excessively high cuts were made into the doorjamb; and there was mortar coming through the tile pieces so it couldn’t be grouted; and, etc. I have never cut or installed tile and needed to have this job completed, therefore, I hired it out. On hindsight, it appears Mr. Beals put absolutely no thought or planning into this tile job. It seems to me that the very basics of tile installation would necessitate some measuring, patterning and setting – not to mention, creating it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. (We are not talking about a high-end house; mine is quite modest.) Additionally, the next morning, after cleaning up what was trash they left in the bedroom/bath area, I discovered not only tile remnants, but the bucket and trowel I provided for his use, in my backyard. The trowel had been left in my bucket which was half-filled with my left-over mortar they had mixed, but did not use. This rendered my trowel, my bucket and my left-over mortar useless. In hindsight, I believe Mr. Beals only cared about the $200 check I provided, in good faith, for the entire job. The time he spent on the project (with my supplies) consisted of less than two hours of his time. Initially, I attempted to get Mr. Beals to come out and rip out the tile, then relented and requested he at least come out and finish piece-milling the project, but to no avail. It’s been over three weeks now and I am still left with an unacceptable, (i.e. *** less than one-third-completed tile job, not to mention the other uncompleted work he was contracted to do. This has necessitated me to hire a “real professional,” whose credibility I had to spend a substantial amount of time researching and verifying, to tear out Mr. Beals’ meager attempt at tile installation. Thus far, Mr. Beals attempt at completing the project he was hired for is costing me approximately $500. Specifically, I requested he reimburse me $500; this is inclusive of the $200 deposit I paid in good faith, another $250 to have the tile ripped out and an additional $50 for supplies I provided for the job and his destruction of my personal property I provided to him to complete the project. He has not responded to my emails or text messages. Tried to keep this short, however, to say the least, I am extremely frustrated and very disappointed. Hopefully, this posting will be on benefit to others so they are not faced with a similar situation.
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Just an update. I'd like to add that Mr.

Beals hides between several addresses. In attempting to have him served for a small claims court case I discovered he has used over 20 addresses. Fortunately I found his actual address, however, it would cost me an additional $80 to have him served. My biggest concern is I would never be able to collect the money so why keep up the chase.

Let it be known my opinion of Patrick Beals is he is not only extremely incompetent, but he has no sense of right and wrong, has no morals or values, and is manipulative and cunning. As far a I'm concerned, he is as predatory as they come.

My advice is to steer clear of any interaction with him.

@disgusted ***sumer

Very bad. Thank goodness I didn't go with him.

@disgusted ***sumer

I have his number if needed. He lives in Folsom.

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