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EV Power - Wrong power plug

I ordered 6 items online from ev-power alias i4wifi on 31.08.2013. My first complaint is that ev-power alias i4wifi ( only accept shipping by an exorbitant courier service TNT, which took 24 days from CZ to Portugal. Normal parcel post would have possibly been faster, at a fraction of the cost. My second complaint is that of the 6 items ordered 2 were defective: a 24W LED lamp did not function a 230V 16A Wattmeter came with built-in 3-pin plug and socket not usable in Portugal or in Central Europe. My third complaint is about the unfriendly and arrogant response received from ev-power alias i4wifi. For the LED lamp they wanted me to destroy the thread and send them a foto, which I did. For the wattmeter I was told to buy adapters for the plug/socket at a local shop. Apart from the fact that such unusual adapters do not exist where I live, I think that a vendor's specifications should clearly state the type of plug/socket used on an electrical device and in which countries it can be utilized. I requested my money back and would return the unsuitable wattmeter at their expense. I was then told that by ordering I had accepted their general conditions, which in their opinion, seem to cover all shortcomings. I would hereby like to warn prospective customers against buying from ev-power alias i4wifi due to poor quality and bad customer service!
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Apple - Iphone4s without wifi

My wife and I own an iphone4s, an ipad, 2 apple tv's, and a 11" and 13" MacBookAir. Before the 4s I had an iphone3gs which converted me to APPLE, until its volume control gave in. On the iphone4s I wanted to retain ios6.1.3 since I do not like ios7. Some days ago, when trying to switch wifi ON, the button grayed out and I could not revive it. An Internet search revealed that this problem is known since 2008, 5 years ago - and still persists! Is APPLE that HELPLESS? Some forum suggested that an upgrade to ios7 might fix the problem, so I reluctantly upgraded, after first downloading ios6.1.3 to downgrade again after fixing the wifi. Now I have the HORRIBLE and SLOWER ios7 and still no wifi, and the downgrade back to ios6.1.3 is blocked by APPLE! APPLE VICTIMS OF THE WORLD UNITE, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE BUT YOUR ITUNES!!!
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I have exactly the same problem and I'm not one to post on this site but this just fired me up. I have heard nothing but complaints from friends/family that upgraded to ios7 so I did not want to do it on my iPad or iPhone.

Then all of sudden I start getting messages that I've used 75% of my data plan, then an hour later another saying I've used 80%...all the while I'm in my home expecting to be connected to my wifi. That's when I realized my wifi was not enabled and now is grayed out. I tried everything I could find online before chatting with Apple who said they couldn't help me further if I didn't upgrade to ios7 as I'd tried their other recommendations. So, reluctantly I upgraded.

It didn't fix my problem. We tried some other things then had to perform a factory restore. What a pain in the, not only am I still unable to use my wifi, but I cannot connect to iTunes or the iTunes store, I cannot back up my photos/music/etc on my phone and everything is so much SLOWER. I called Apple again and they told me to send it in and they would fix it for $199???

Are they crazy, I've only had this phone for 2 years come Christmas and they said "it's old technology and things break". Yes, I understand "things" break, but to charge someone $450 for a phone 2 years ago and know there is a bug with this particular model and not offer to fix it while you figure out why your software continues to do this is poor customer service. It does not make me want to shell out another $199 for you to fix it only for it to break again the next time I have to upgrade to your new version of OS. Nor, does it make me want to jump to the iPhone 5.

Some of the reviews for that are less than favorable as well.

I am seriously considering getting the Samsung Galaxy least I'll be able to see my screen (come on Apple, do we really need iphones in different colors???? make an option with a bigger screen!!


I have had same issue, we should unite and sign a petition against this and sue apple for this problem ?


OK, what do you think of

I tried their Web site, but their server seems to have problems.

Will try again tomorrow.

Are you good at verbose language? I mean, can you write a text that will hit home?


Please see petition at

Please sign and send to as many people as you can!

Thanks: Siegfried

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