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Brandon Dodge on Broadway - Brandon Dodge- LIED TO AND RIPPED OF $4000

After THREE purchases with this dealer, we are disgusted to find out that the Finance Division is willing to blatantly lie on their contracts to make money for themselves and only themselves. Recently we traded a beautiful 2012 Dodge 2500 for a 2013 Dodge 1500. During our visit at Brandon Dodge on 09/2013 we originally signed our contract being promised that we had everything lined up correctly. We received a call ON 09/13 from Brandon Dodge asking us to come down and sign a new contract as they had found us a "Better Deal", so they claimed. We happily sat down to sign the paperwork and when we got to the extended warranty discussion we were told and I quote "The bank will only do this deal if you take the warranty". Of course it was the top of the line $4000 warranty... Our original contract did not include a warranty, however it was made clear to accept this contract we had no option but to accept the warranty with it, oh and we are not allowed to cancel the warranty- it can be transferred at time of sale.... Being that we had done business with them several times we elected to trust them. LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT TERRANCE (the Finance Director) WAS LYING TO US!!! Recently the financing bank Partner Colorado CU called to introduce themselves to us and thank us for our business. When the banker asked us if we would like to put an extended warranty on the vehicle, you can only imagine how surprised I was to find out that the bank was not aware of the situation... We have spent the last two weeks trying to get Brandon Dodge to fix this unacceptable situation. They not only refuse to do anything, they actually tried to get us to purchase a more expensive vehicle by promising to make it up in the sale. Our complaint was regarding the warranty forced upon us, not my truck. Clearly we did not want the warranty and made sure to be very clear of this during the first negation as the warranty was NOT ON THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT. We have contacted the warranty company directly to see if they would cancel the contract. In speaking with the warranty company this warranty is 100% cancelable but is at the "Dealers Discursion and must be canceled by the dealer themselves. Reality to this is that BRANDON DODGE FORCED THE WARRANTY UPON US AS A BAIT AND SWITCH TACTIC AND ARE 100% ELECTING TO PUT US THROUGH THIS NIGHTMARE! THEY MADE THEIR MONEY AND IT'S COSTING US $4000!!!! I cannot believe that this Dealership claims to respect their clients and truly appreciate their clients- Yet they elect to do this. This practice and this situation is unacceptable! PLEASE, PLEASE, BUYER BE WARE! We did THREE deals with this dealership. We STUPIDLY TRUSTED they were there to help us and guide us through the financing portion of this process. We have never purchased a NON-Cancelable warranty, nor have we ever re-done our financing paperwork. All of this was at the Dealers request- NOT OURS. We trusted what we were told, and well this is how Brandon Dodge feels their client's deserve to be treated... YOU WILL PAY A HEFTY PRICE FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM! PLEASE GET A SECOND OPINION AND CALL THE BANK BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING WITH THEM- YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF LATER :-) On another note- Our Financing CU is doing everything they can to help us fix this situation- including offering for us to get out of this deal and into a better loan as an apology for the nightmare Brandon Dodge is putting us through. They too have tried to speak to Brandon Dodge and were shocked to see the way we were being treated. This CU is standing by us as their clients and I am TRULY THANKFUL to have them as our personal bankers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PARTNER COLORADO CREDIT UNION!!!! They are the definition of Interiority!
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