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Book Smart Tutors - Company Faked Reviews

Book Smart Tutors - Company Faked Reviews
Book Smart Tutors - Company Faked Reviews
I wanted to get tutoring services from this company. I simply typed Book Smart Tutor Reviews on Google. It appears their reviews were written by the same person. I looked into this further and found that not only does it appear that they write their own reviews, they duplicated the same review from another site and copied it with a different name on Google reviews. See images I attached. Albert King from Google is the same review as Stacey S on the other site. The deleted Albert Kings review after I posted this! This goes to show who they are!
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That is awful, and very misleading. I have heard of businesses actually paying companies to offer reviews on Yelp, and Google.

I am surprised this agency is continuing to operate, the evidence is there.


It just goes to show what some business will do to rob you of your hard earned money. Shame on this business for faking their reviews. If you cannot get legitimate reviews than you should not be in business!


I agree I would use the internet as a last resource for trusted reviews. The only reason why companies like Book smart tutors would fake their reviews is very simple.

They must be new and need people to believe they have been around for a while.


It is better to trust word of mouth rather then the internet.


Why does this not surprise me??? Business have to bend the rules to make money.

That is the nature of surviving a business. But this is really bad for the consumer.


This makes me believe that these type of companies are not trustworthy if the do something like this.


Yep!. Just seems like the reputation of this business just went down the toilet for pulling something like that!

I am surprised a tutoring business in the education full can pull that off. As for this Company Book Smart Tutors stop posting fake reviews.

You can easily tell that all your goggle reviews are faked.


Awful. Just plain awful! that a company would go to such lengths to get clients!!!


Why am I not surprised? Simply business like this Book smart tutoring company will use whatever tactic to increase business.

So I am not surprised that they faked their own reviews. Some companies just do that.

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