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Working for Beaverton Volt. Employment. I was laid off in June and was told that I could return to work with the same employer in the fall.

I was working for Oracle Corporation/ Volt employment in Beaverton, Oregon. In June of this year I was laid off with about 50 other workers and told at the time that I could return. Finally after repeated calls weekly to check in, today which is Oct 1, I was told that I could not return to Oracle because I was fast enough. I am not upset that I could not return to Oracle its company policies are *** and many of the permanent workers could care less to train the temp workers, and the software for such a computer company is lame. I am disappointed with Volt that the agency had to wait till October to give me the correct information. Its typical of the employment agencies to use the work force with disrespect. I'm getting to the point that If the job involves being part of an employment agency, I'll look elsewhere.
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I can sympathize, good jobs are scarce. Still, you really need to wake up.

This was a gambit, pure and simple. You take a large group, in this case 50-some, and send them all out, while dangling the "you can come back" carrot, to ensure that they all leave peacefully. You don't want to act up and blow that opportunity right? But they knew all along they wouldn't bring back everyone.

In fact they had probably already decided on a list of, say, 23, 25, 27...a much smaller group, that they would bring back...the ones who had been the best at kissing up and/or worked cheapest, most likely. And they probably brought them back after only a few weeks. Volt...well, reality check, they aren't your friends. The agency is paid by the client, in this case, Oracle.

That's where their loyalty lies. If Oracle said "play dumb on this until October", Volt played dumb...or risked losing the client. Sure they lost a big chunk of revenue when fewer people were brought back, but that would have made them hungrier to hang on to what's left by doing whatever Oracle wanted.

I do hope you treated this as a dismissal back in June and have been going at the job search all this time. You're lucky if what a company tells you is even a half-truth instead of an outright lie.

Their only goal is to avoid confrontation.

Blame this on Oracle, and Oracle alone...they made the decisions here and they opted to be dishonest. Volt was just along for the ride and trying to salvage what business they could. In the future, just remember the agency and its people are not your friends and they are definitely NOT on your side.

And good luck landing an IT job without going through an agency. Most companies these days, especially in IT, don't even recruit for themselves at all.

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