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Direct Home Counseling - Sent check through US mail for loan modification

11-8-12 I received a telephone call from someone name Shane Emerson from Direct Home Counseling offering me a loan modification on my mortgage. In the days following I was told I had to sign some papers and send them a check for $3,500. 'for the attorneys' to work on my loan modification. The documents I signed, although not signed by anyone from Direct Home Counseling, said that if I was not satisfied with their work I could get my $3,500. returned. Shane was soon replaced by a Benjamin Holmes, then by a Charles Smith and ultimately I began dealing with a David Anderson. They kept asking for more paperwork, and then as the months went by updates of my checking account and other monthly bills. I wanted to end it beginning on December 27, 2012, but David kept telling me that this was going to happen. By January 4, 2013 I began demanding we end this and they send my money back. More stalling, and un-returned or promised phone calls never called back. All through this I have had health problems due to complications from hip replacement surgery. As of September 27, 2013 a week after David Anderson told me he would call me that afternoon, and didn't and repeated attempts to call him and Charles Smith and the 'office' phone number, I found their website was no longer listed on the web. After reading other comments on a website that included the same 'names' of the people I dealt with, I am convinced that Direct Home Counseling is or has gone out of business. There is a Realtor listed in the licensed California Realtors who is/was the owner behind Direct Home Counseling and he is the one who is responsible for me getting my $3,500. returned, plus expenses for my time and my attempting to send them a Certified Return Receipt letter, which they never accepted. I will use all means available to me in the State of California to get my money back.
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They are not licensed and it is against the law to take advance fees for loan modifications.

Read about it:

File a complaint:

Also, in addition to filing a complaint at the above address/link, file one with your local District Attorney.

They will investigate loan mod scams.

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Total scam! False promises, lies, failure to refund as promised if they could not perform.



Total scam, run the other direction; they still owe me money after months and months of trying to pacify me through lies.


david kashani aka david anderson ( this is a link to his Facebook page) is a scam artist and head of direct home counseling he is in charge of all operations and uses a fake name to get by. HE HAS NOT STOPPED PRANK CALLING ME FOR 6 MONTHS AND I AM HOPING THIS WILL GET HIS ATTENTION IF NOT MY NEXT STEP IS TO REPORT HIM TO THE FBI FOR THE SCAME HE IS RUNNING!! BE AWARE CHARLES SMITH IS A MADE UP NAME AND IS A SCAM THESE PEOPLE WILL SCAM YOU!!

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Palm Springs, California
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Direct Mortgage Counseling or Direct Home Counseling THEY ARE CROOKS

I got a telephone call from them, even though I didn't think I would qualify, they said I would because I was retired and on a fixed income. 6 months later after repeated failures to call me back, they had nothing to offer me except over $12,000. MORE IN FEES and still nothing to sign verifying anything. Unfortunately there is a realtor listed in the California Registrar of Realtors and he is going to suffer one more law suit and a complaint with the State of California. I urge anyone reading this, who has had a problem with them to register a complaint with the State of California and maybe the State can stop him.
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