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Juan Chavez Farmers Insurance SCAM Platinum Empire Real Estate FRAUD LIAR ABUSE DIRTY DEALS

Before I begin my review, I want to explain who I am so that you can ascertain that what I am saying is factual and that I'm in no way a non paying renter. Between 2012-****, I leased a real property unit on main st in santa ana. I have paid Mr Chavez in access of $50,000.00 in rent to date. Mr Chavez likes to take the money but he doesn't like to fix repairs or keep up the unit. To further demonstrate my position, I also leased the unit right next door to the unit I have now. I was renting both at the same time as well as a 3rd location in van nuys for almost $6000 per month. In 2012, the landlord next door stole money from my electric bill in the amount of $309.04 and went on to commit many more acts which led to various causes of auction that are currently being litigated. For more information you can google Steve Chen FRAUD or Spencer Hoo FRAUD or Namazu, LLC FRAUD or the following links:***-SCAM-ARTIST-FRA-108**** There are many more as well. You get the idea. Now, one would think that if they had a GOOD TENANT WHO PAID $50,000 IN RENT SO FAR, you would want to keep that going (Especially in this economy). Not Juan Chavez. He made a deal to help my OTHER landlord who had abused me and assist him in getting me out of the neighborhood and stalling my litigation against Namazu, LLC/Chen/Hoo. Juan Chavez began a pattern of refusing to do basic maintenance repairs. I pay PREMIUM MONEY for a location on Main St. Mr Chavez seems to think it is acceptable for there to be damaged/cracked glass on up and down my front door. He also seems to think it is my fault it is full of graffiti and looks extremely ghetto. Mr Chavez told me I had to fix it myself or else. Finally, I'm being evicted for retaliatory behavior. Note again: I've paid $50,000.00+ in rent over the past 2 years. Does it sound like I am unable to come up with rent money? No, not at all. I can, and will gladly pay all rents minus the cost of the door (unless Mr Chavez actually fixes it in accordance with the law). Mr Chavez seems to think he doesn't have any responsibility at all for any of his actions. After all, he moonlights at the OC jail and is chummy with Law Enforcement in Santa Ana. He even tried to call some of his buddies out one early evening to try to have them send me a message in the dark alley. If he did this to me, what will he do to you when the chips are down. There are many reputable Real Estate/Insurance Brokers out there. I recommend finding a professional one who does not abuse their tenants/buyers. Good luck
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WARNING! Please do not do business with SPENCER HOO, THE HOO GROUP, or I made the mistake and would not wish this on my worst enemy. The last 16 months of my life have been pure misery dealing with him. Other potential accomplices are Ada Hoo, Dolan Hoo, Sally Hoo, Hsu Hoo Spencer is a front man for some questionable real estate investors with ties to Hong Kong. I currently have pending litigation with him so I cannot go into full details on some things. However, I believe it is imperative that not one more person do business with him and suffer as I have. Let’s start back at the beginning. Spencer has been my agent for the past 5 years. During this time, I signed two leases with him and have seen a number of properties. My most recent lease is where the trouble began. Immediately upon paying security deposit and first month’s rent, Spencer informs me that he has no keys for me or garage remote. However, he informs me that I may go get keys from the former tenant. I spent an entire day chasing down the previous tenant. In the end, I only got a mailbox key and a front door key. To date (18 months later), I have never received a garage door opener or a key to the back door. In addition to this, Spencer also failed to provide a move in/move out sheet to outline the condition of the unit. We had to personally email Spencer and tell him what the damages were. He never responded. Shortly after I move in, I begin receiving harassment from the HOA. Spencer KNOWLINGLY leased a real property fully aware of the fact that there were HOA restrictions against leasing. At this point, I had moved in two 26 ft uhaul trucks. I was told that in order to stay I had to agree to a story that I didn’t really live here but that I was working here for the owner and running a business for him. For months I was stalked, harassed, and annoyed by HOA members and their friends. My g/f was even cornered in a dark alley one night and I had to literally jump out of a window to intervene. As a result of the HOA harassment, I was told the owner would be changing the electric into his name along with the water (which was already in his name and paid for by the owner in accordance with our lease). I was told that for this inconvenience the owner would pay the electric. After approximately two months, the owner insisted on coming over and told me he didn’t realize how expensive the electric would be. He said he would pay up to $50 a month but no more. I was left a bill for $309.04 by the owner which I subsequently paid. A month later we received another electric bill from Spencer. In the bill, it stated that our $309.04 payment had been “transferred” out of our account and into another account Spencer was managing for the owner (or by the owner). I figured this must have been a mistake. No one would so blatantly MISAPPROPRIATE funds in a manner such as this. Therefore, I begin asking Spencer for a copy of the latest bill to see if the $309.04 had been returned to our account. Spencer said he would send us the bill for months but never followed through. I was waiting to solve this matter before paying more money in Electricity. I didn’t want more money taken and since the Owner’s name was on the account, I had no way of accessing sensitive account information. Finally, one day Edison turned off our electric. I immediately inform Spencer about this. He finally took interest. Because the electric was turned off, Edison wanted a $2300 deposit. I refused to pay this since this was a result of Spencer’s mismanagement and we had no way of paying, verifying, or accessing the account. We had no electric for a full 101 days. Despite all of this, I paid every dollar of rent. Spencer never apologized or offered any compensation for all the trouble (even though a violation of law is punishable by a fine of up to $100 a day or $10,100). I had hoped things would turn around after this event. However, a few months later the water is turned off. The tag left on the door indicated that Spencer stopped paying the water bill the same month the dispute over electric began. Again, I reach out to Spencer. He informs me that he cannot pay because the owner is out of Country. He instructs me to pay myself and deduct from the rent. Even though it was the landlord’s responsibility to do this, I decided I would go ahead and just pay this myself to get past this. However, when I went into the office to pay, they asked me for my ID and told me they could NOT accept my payment because I was not the landlord or an agent working on his behalf. I inform Spencer of this and received no reply. Weeks later, Spencer randomly emails me with confirmation of a payment. He went on to tell me this was all my fault and that I am not the model tenant. In all, I have over 130 days of untenable living conditions. At this point, I asked Spencer to do something about the rent. He tells me to pay in full or I will be evicted. When I tried to negotiate further with him he ignored calls, texts, emails, and certified letters. There is much more here and I wish I could say more now. I will in the future. However, Spencer Hoo may be one of the worst agents in Real Estate. Please do not suffer the same mistake as I did. CAVEAT EMPTOR!
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Mr Benjamin J Anderson,

Thank you for your feedback, albeit in the WRONG location and method.

Again, please be reminded that you WERE NOT a client of ours (or REMAX) for the lease above. My relationship to you is only as the property manager to the property you are leasing. I was only your agent for a lease executed in 2008 on a DIFFERENT PROPERTY, 5 years ago. Additionally, I represented you on an agent capacity on submitting lease applications to other properties.

Also, no need for name calling because you are upset at the situation.

Additionally, please be reminded that you are as of this date 5-6 month DELINQUENT on your rent payments (over $10,000 amount), which is the reason for the Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) filed against you. We are sorry you did not feel the need or urgency to reply to this Unlawful Detainer, especially if you had all these above complaints. Your complaints are with the PROPERTY OWNERS, NOT myself or my company, and making these complaints through the proper process and court of law would have been much more appropriate.

Also, please be reminded that your failure to reply to this Unlawful Detainer, resulted in the court issuing a DEFAULT JUDGEMENT against you in favor of the OWNER.

In response to your comments:

-The $309.00 amount from Edison Electric was applied TOWARDS THE CORRECT billing. We have explained with you line-item by line-item on the Edison billing.

-The entire situation with the Edison Electric was due to your unwillingness to change account name back to your name. You were WARNED on multiple occasions that failure to do so would result in Edison switching power off.

-As per lease agreement, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to have water utility changed into your own name. Again, cutoff of service was caused by your own (in)actions.

-You are in FULL KNOWLEDGE and understanding of the HOA situation and restrictions. You previously leased a unit in the community (2005 lease) and currently lease a secondary unit in the same community. You pretty much begged the Owner to allow you to retain your lease when the HOA situation arose, Owner originally wanted to void your lease and refund all deposits and rents.

-Owner credited you TWO MONTHS worth of rent, OVER $4000, as good faith for any inconveniences caused by the HOA situation.

-Owner advanced $1800 to Edison to get YOUR power reconnected. As you are aware, your actions regarding this $1800 are pretty much theft by definition.


The Hoo Group

@The Hoo Group

Hoo Group, get the *** out of my country. You disgusting Hong Kong money hungry dog eaters.

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