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Fairview Inn Mackinaw Ciry, MI

Update by user Oct 25, 2013

It has been 30 days and still no contact from Fairview Inn. I have made a complaint to the Mackinaw City Chamber if Commerce as well, but nothing from them either. I did hear from Super 8, not the hotel manager/owner but from Super Worlwide, only because the manager/owner did not contact me.

Original review posted by user Sep 24, 2013
We had reservations at the Super 8 Lajeside just down the street from Fairview Inn however, when we checked in we were told our room was not available. (They mumbled something about the 'boards' not being updated, even tho they could tell that we had reserved a King jacuzzi room-no one apologized at Super 8, and I am STILL waiting to be contacted by Super 8). So they began calling hotels in area that would honor same rate for same type room. After a few calls Fairview Inn said they would plus it would be upgraded to Lakeside view. We headed to Fairview Inn. Upon trting to enter room, the lock on door wasnt working properly and we could only use lock on door handle, not deadbolt. Once we walked in there was a bad smell. We det our things down and noticed just how dirty it looked. The place is outdated, but that doesnt mean it shouldnt be cleaned properly! The carpet was filthy and had crumbs oall over. The comforter was old and disgusting. There were some black spots on sheets near the top under pillow, which looked like mold. The bathroom was dirty, moulding along floor was peeling off and dirt and hair in corners. Behind the door were spider webs and dead bugs. Under the vanity was filthy, looked like years of dirt and mold. You can clearly see under the vanity when you walk in to bathroom its not like it is hiddsn from view or hard to reach so it can be cleaned! The shower curtain was old and grimey. Under the foot of bed but visible was a couple pieces of hard plastic that I can only assume were from the corner of box springs. The mattress itself was old and when laying down or trying to sleep you roll to center. The rubber threshold that divides the tile from carpet near hot tub was missing a piece and staples were sticking out. (We layed a piece of paper towel over staples so we wouldnt walk on it, even tho I would highly recommend NOT walking on that carpet barefoot or in socks because it is so dirty). We also noticed the following day when we returned to our room after housekeeping had been there that the papertowel was still there...I thought housekeeping came in to empty trash, exchange towels, make bed and pick up teash...I could be wrong, because all she did was empty trash and exchange toweks. We had went to store that first night and bought cleaner and paper towel so we could clean bathroom and hot tub properly! Thats probably the best cleaning that place has had in years! The wood moulding in room was full of dust as well. The balcony doors deadbolt did not work, it only had a sliding lock that you had to use. The screen on balcony door was broke off track and only propped up. There was only one filthy chair on balcony and it was covered in webs. The balcony itself was filthy too. The ONLY good thing about this place was the view... after 2 nights we decided we couldnt take it anymore after coming back in evening to a room FULL of nars and spiders and some other larger flying bugs on the wall. Understandably there will be nats and even spiders due to it being on water but this was ridiculous! They were all over bathroom mirror and all over shower curtain and toweks. We coukdnt sit there without having to spat bugs away! This may have been due to the sink not having a stopper in it or because the balcony door screen was not on correctly, I dont know... we decided to keave, we called Best Western Dockside and they said to come right over (very nice CLEAN place). When returning the key to front desk I explained to young man what the problems were. I did not speak bad to him or raise my voice, actually I was quite pleasant. I was hoping that by being nice about it would benefit me somehow but all he did was shrug his shoulders and say "well, you will still be charged for all day today". I said fine because it waa obvious he could give a ***. I would rather dispute charges with credit card. I was not offered a discount, not offered an apology or if I would like to speak to manager/owner. I have been searching for the Manager/Owners contact info with no luck, I have even emailed Mackinaw City chamber of Commerce, but they have yet to respond either. I would highly advise against staying at Fairview Inn!
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I also booked a room at the Fairview inn in Mackinaw City, MI for labor day weekend 2014. I had to attend a funeral in the area, and it was pretty much a last resort.

I booked this room through When I walked into the room I dropped my keys on the floor, bent to pick them up and saw 2 used condoms under the bed. Dust everywhere, not that it really mattered at this point. Dirty toilet and floor, urine all over, black mold. Just a total mess.

I went to the front desk, told them I was not staying there and wanted a refund. They said they would give me a different room. I said you should have given me a clean room to start with, and had no intention of staying in this motel. They refused to give me a refund.

I also contacted they also said no refunds. Where is consumer protection? I am now going to call the mackinaw City chamber of commerce and report them through this also.



OMG! i cannot believe this place.

There were reviews of this place on TripAdvisor and there were several good reviews..when I read them I could not believe that anyone could possibly say anything good about this place at all!

I also reported them to the Mackinaw Chamber of Commerce, but to this day have never heard a word from them. I also e-mailed Fairview Inn asking that the owner please contact me...well of course no one ever contacted me from Fairview surprise there!

Please update if you get anywhere with tje Chamber of Commerce, I am curious to see if and what they say or do. Hope you found another (clean) place to stay!

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Super 8 - Poor customer service.

Update by user Oct 23, 2013

Quick update... Super 8 finally contacted me after I sent 3 e-mails.

I was originally asked to waut a few days to hear from the owner of Super 8 Mackinaw City, I waited those few days and heard nothing. Super 8 Worldwide said if I did not hear anything then they wiuld handle it. So in the end it was Super 8 Worldwide who sent me a voucher/check for $40.00 ....not really the amount that i lost on this trip but at least they sent something...and most important is that i received an apology.

It should have come directly from the Super 8 Mackinaw City tho!! I still have yet to hear ANYTHING from Fairview aInn Mackinaw City and I doubt I ever will....Im sure they are well aware of what a dump they have!

Original review posted by user Sep 22, 2013
Made reservations on-line and received cinfirmation of reservation at Super 8 Lake View in Mackinaw City, MI. When we arrived to check in the young lady pulled up our reservation and asked if I had booked on-line or by phone. I told her on-line and handed her a copy of the confirmation e-mail with conf# and description of room, which was a King Jacuzzi Room on the Courtside.. she saisd she did not need it, that she could see it on the computer but the room we reserved was not available! She then said to wait a moment until the young man that was workung was done with his customer. I did so, patiently and remained calm as I assumed they would rectify the situation. Once the man was done she explained the situation and then said "why wasnt the 'boards' updated, tgis always happens." He shrugged and mumbled something then said to 'her' not me, that he woukd have to call other hotels in the area to see if they had a room like ours available and would honor the same rate. He then turned to me and said "you can stay her in a regular room and switch to the room you booked on Monday, but I will call around as well." No apology, no explanation as to why the room I reserved, two weeks prior, was not available!! He called a few places until he found a room at the Fairview Inn down the street. They would honor the rate and also upgrade to Lakeview. So we headed to Fairview...BIG MISTAKE! This place was a filthy dump! We stayed two nights (and two nights was too long!). We again had to move to aborher hotel. The Best Western Dockside, I highly reccomend this place! So I had contacted Super 8 by email and explained the issue avout iur room not being available and hiw poor customer service was. I cannot get over that noone apologized for the mix up! The desk people at hotel seemed to care less. That made me more mad than our room not being available! Well, I never heard back from Super 8! Once we had to move AGAIN to Best Western, I emailed them again. I received a response from customer service srating to give the manager until the 19th to contact me. I have yet to be contacted! Apparently they do not care about their customers.
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