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I worked for the company many years ago. I stayed with them for a little over a year. They want you to basically sell your soul for them. They put so much pressure on you and you never get to see your family. Ever. I was there during the era of cristina, Ms. Austin, her son and stacy....poor stacey kept getting knocked up by Ms. Austin's son! Elana, meeka, those old heads know exactly what Im talking about. I was a lost 19 yr old girl that was tired of being abused by the world around me. I looked up to Mr. Marshall, and his wife, Mr Brown and his wife.They make you drive their cars and dont nobody have a licence! I was a great sales person I has plenty of "high" days I was always a room captain or just paid for my own room. I was bringing it in. I liked it. That was until the day Mr. Brown took me out by myself and compromised me. I had sex with him. Point Blank I looked up to him and felt pushed. Being a prior victim dealing with males I felt trapped and did not want to create no problems...after all i was hundreds of miles away from my family. After it happened I blanked for 3 days. (previous pumpers know exactly what Im talking about) I could not bare to look at his wife or him again. Everything I had looked up to came crashing down. I felt that I could not go to Mr. Marshall after all "Harvey" was his prize.I didnt even ask for them to buy my ticket home. I just disappeared.
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Mr.Marshall is Tim still with the company? If so tell him to hit me up @ prettyredd06@***.com


Hi my name is Mario Elem and I worked there for sometime and I think it was when you was there I know all the names you said I know that same *** you talking about that's *** up his wife and her brother Chauncey worked there a *** name Tony a girl named big pretty this dude Kevin I know a lot of people that was there I was young myself people said I looked like Gary Coleman if you do know me look me up on Facebook Mario Elem add me incase I didn't say it I'm sorry that happened to you and if it's any consolation I know that feeling of missing your family there with them and my unk passed away when I was there in Tucson Arizona and I couldn't get back home but I said *** it and went home the first chance I got


I work there also


I worked there back 2001


Shay it was a pretty good experience over all. I was a top seller.


I loved the job


Wow... I worked for that company too and those names sound all too familiar.

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through such a terrible experience.

Hey look me up if you don't mind talking. @ jiggydown360@***.com


I worked for them too for 2 mos i am so sorry u went thru this


I worked for them as well I had some good days and some bad dayz but over all it was fun ☺☺☺won't say anything bad about them because no one made me stay there I chose to sorry y'all had a bad experience there it ain't for everybody

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