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Charles gabus ford sucks!

I bought my 2010 edge brand new from them and they were great 3 years ago. However, I got rear ended in Des Moines and took it back to the to do the body work. Just "looked' like it needed a bumper ( and metal bumper support underneath), muffler, back up sensors and the hatch back fixed. However I told them it was fishtailing when I drove it a few miles. And the guy who got shoved into me went underneath my vehicle more on the drivers side. And the drivers side doors were sunken in and the passenegers doors were kicked out. So I take it there and they are supposed to be putting 2 new back up sensors (they are on est.) and I get a phone call from the Renee who took the est saying they had to order one. I was like why did one come in damaged? she was Very rude and said NO I was told they had to order another one. so my edge would take another few days! They should have ordered 2 in the first place. So I call a couple days later and see ifs its ready and she was like no. She was VERY rude. So four days later she leaves me a voice mail saying my edge is finally ready and it was short and snotty! so my husband has to *** early as we live 50 miles from them and they close at 6pm. We get there and they ask for the insurance check. I said I cashed it as I own the vehicle outright but I have a personal check. They actually $400 went OVER the Impartial adjusters est which was $1300 over their est. They have the car brought up and running door open like they want me to hurry up and get out of there. I go out look it over and the doors are still way off! I said something to Renee as she come walking by and she says that was NOT from the accident! she said it really *** and walks off. I said yes it was! It has 12,000 miles on it! So my husband goes and looks and new ones and comes up and tells them they are NOT like that. One door was so bad it would have leaked water/air in. Plus they put a scratch it my truck!!! I was livid. One guy says he will fix the one door by adjusting it. So he tells up to come back in an hour. We leave and he calls us in a half an hour saying its done and we head back and he calls again like telling us we need to hurry they are closed and its Friday. So we go to a store and look it over since we got rushed out and the bumper does not match at all! I have the candy apple red that has the metallic paint flakes in it. The bumper does not have hardly any in it. The hatch back has orange peel really bad around the license plate and it starts out with alot of metal flakes (original paint) and then you can obv. see where they blended it and it goes dull! And they did not put up on a lift to check for additional damage underneath and so it pulls to the left! so I go to the ford website to complain and get a guy on chat. He says he will have GM call me. HE was an ***! He said all they can do is what ins. pays for! Which I totally understand but I think they are scamming ins. companies! But I told him the impartial adj, my ins. guy and the ins. paying said they should put on a lift to check for any hidden damages. Then I tell him about his employee Renee and how she treated me he tells me some personalities just don't clash! Is he serious? So basically if you want to be treated like a THIRD class citizen and get scammed go to Charles Gabus ford! Where it comes from the very top (GM) how you can expect to be treated!!
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Remember Charles Gabus Ford loves you! Have a great day and come back soon! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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