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Wells Fargo are Frauds!

as called by Sr. credit manager Chris Ives to consolidate credit cards to 1 monthly payment. We went to the office to see what they could do for her. Chris told us in order to get my fiance' cards brought to 1 monthly payment with a good apr rate and a manageable payment he suggested to refinance our toyota corolla which we had a 7.9apr for 60 month and put her cards with that in order to bring the cost of her monthly payments down. Chris had mention to me being part of this loan in order for her to better qualify for the refinance of her Veachle as well as consolidating her cards for the purpose of using my income to show more income on the new loan. I told Chris that I didn't want to use me because of my bankruptcy and that I knew my score would hurt her but he reassure me that my score wouldn't be used and that they would use her score which 700's and the only reason they needed me was for my income. I said that sounds good to me as long as we use her credit score and get an apr rate that is lower than 10% he reassured me again that it wouldn't be a problem. That was our 1st visit .We had to come back because they needed some info from me. A few days later we came back and started the paper work to get the loan through and it was close to closing time for them so they where in a rush to make sure our loan was processed. While that was being processed Chris was going over the paper work and telling us what our loan was going to be which was writing down on another blank piece of paper with the number of 9.6 apr rate and a 60 month payment of 440 a month Thats exactly what I wanted to get done. Problem #1 we didnt receive exactly what we went in for, instead we got checks to pay off little credit cards to the amount of $3000 and also the payoff to our car to the amount of $17000 . We had looked over the paper work we had signed and also the page with the numbers he had written on a blank piece of paper, with all the normal things on a loan document. Problem #2 we got home and realized that we where missing the 2 important checks. I gave Chris a call he said that they might have gotten printed so after days of calling him back and trying to get answer from him he finally had told me that he wasn't able to get those cards in to our loan and he told me that we where max out on how much money they could loan us and the other thing was we never received a copy of page two which had the loan numbers as far as apr rate the trem of the loan which showed 9.6 and 60 month term for 440 i had given him a call for that at was told by Chris that it was a dmv paper work and wasn't necessary to have and I ask him are you sure because it says on page one that page two has all the numbers and Chris said i am pretty sure but I will give you a call back that never happened. A month later we received the bill which showed apr rate of 17.74. Are you kidding me! and a loan of $456 some change a month and the loan for 72-months I was very angered, betrayed, and upset at wells fargo. I never rec'd anything to show the numbers that where told to us were real and because i should have made a case for the missing page not rec'd I was screwed. Now we're force to have a car loan that has a rate of 17.74 from a loan which we had a rate 7.9apr rate which is the reason for this long letter I asked them this question why would anybody sign/ refinance a car loan from apr rate of 7.9 to a 17.74. I told them if I had seen those numbers the day we signed we never would have signed. Chris had done alot to make sure we never understood fully what we had signed and withheld documents from us in order to keep us from stopping the loan process. This is FRAUD plan and simple! We have a 8 month old baby, and we thought we were doing good by getting our small debt in control.
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