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Andrew Brundle website design is the worst website designer!! If you're reading this before you sent him any money, consider yourself lucky! I recently hired him to create a website, well it was over 8 months ago for a site that he promised would be complete in 2 months!! After a nice conversation on the phone and looking for reviews online (I found none) I decided to hire him, HUGE mistake hiring Andrew Brundle. Upon payment he said he would get started immediately. We agreed on 3 basic parts; website design, shopping cart, and a database for a fixed price, I did not negotiate as I thought the price seemed reasonable (read more, wasn't very reasonable after all). After about a week to 10 days I sent him a message to see how he was coming along, since he hadn't sent me any info on his progress. I got a curt message back that he was working with a previous client and would be busy thru the weekend. OK no biggie, I sent another message early the next week, reply this time?? A rude message that he was not going to finish for another 2 weeks!! OK, no big deal so long as it's done on time, I thought... What a mistake! Andrew created excuse after excuse why he wasn't able to work on my site. I literally got every excuse in the book, except the dog ate my homework! Here's my favorite excuses: "I got injured last night playing football and will be taking several days off", "I'm taking a holiday", "I had to find a new place to live", and my personal favorite "the problem is your website is ***". Ah excuse me, you created it!! What a *** after 3+ months I finally get a few photoshop mock-ups that he literally spent 20 minutes on, then tells me it's "***". How do I put this gently... It's your fu*king design, YOU, Andrew Brundle created it!!! What an ***, it only got worse... He was supposed to create multiple page designs that I could choose from, he never did it. I finally had to just tell him, make it look like this sample site so we could move forward, this is about 4 months into it. Meanwhile during this process, I check his own website several times, interestingly he had plenty of time to update his own site, and I saw some of the stuff he was working on while not working on my site... There's more! After 6 months he created many of the pages and the basic shopping cart. Then he tells me that he won't complete the database as he "ran out of money"... WHAT?? How do you "run out of money" for a fixed price job?? You quoted it!! It's not my fault you can't manage your time. You, Andrew Brundle, set the price and I paid. Now do your part. Nope, to bad, he refused to do it... Bottom line with this guy is a *** and a liar. He claims to be a "complete" website designer that can do everything. He claims to be able to do a complete shopping cart integration, but in reality he can only set up a link to PayPal. In dealing with him, I realized he had no clue about creating a merchant account, he's never actually created one. He told me that "no one is going to give you their billing info", really?? Nearly every website on the planet uses a merchant account. He would tell me constantly that "you don't need that" in my site. Actually I do, it's my website and I do need it. After explaining over and over he would then do what I originally asked. He'll do the minimum amount of work required to finish the job, and then tell you to pay immediately even though he's not done with the site. Yes, you read that right. He's not done with the site, but you need to pay now. After 6 months, no apology for being 4 months late, site not finished, but pay me now. Here's his excuse; "I only have 100MB of space on my server, I need to get your site off it ASAP", send me the final payment and I'll upload to your domain and complete the final touches. I foolishly paid. After I paid it was basically "you paid for the final site, any rework I'll have to charge you for a redesign", but I was trying to help you and get it off your small server... How about this, you pay an additional $1 per month for a better hosting service!! Really, I pay $8 per month and have unlimited storage! Even hosting that costs $5 per month will get you 5-10GB!! Just another lie to get paid and tell you to *** off. Some of the lies:Please bear with me for another 2 or 3 days, and then we'll make a blast on your site! (Nov 30, 2012)OK - re: the schedule for your site. You said that a January completion date is fine. This is a 100% definite on my part. To be honest, completing the whole thing this month will be hard. (Dec 12, 2012)I'm relaxing this week. I'll get back to you again before January 2nd. (Dec 28, 2012)No communication until (Jan 10, 2012)Good news! I'm almost completely up to date. By Wednesday I will have finished everything. After this, I'll work exclusively on your stuff. (Jan 14, 2012)Yes -- doing your PSDs now. Could you please re-send me your phone number. In order to finish this site asap, it'd be good to chat often on the phone. (Feb 10, 2013)I need to upload an updated version of your site. I'll do that today or tomorrow. (Mar 5, 2013)I'll aim to get it online by Wednesday at the latest. (Mar 11, 2013)Just re-sized those home page photos. (Mar 27, 2013)The cart is about 50% done. More tomorrow. (Apr 1, 2013)Nothing until 4/23...Please play around with the cart. Add different items and experiment with different quantities. (Apr 23, 2013) I could go on and on about lies and rudeness from this guy, just stay away!!
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There he goes again, more lies and manipulating the truth. A rant? No, only facts. I'm angry. Here's the "simple truth", just facts. Make no mistake, this is not about money! It’s about principles and customer service, and not letting him get away with poor work for fear of losing a deposit. The final balance due was only $150 but I wasn't going to let him get away with sub-par work... There are better people out there to work with.

Paid a total of $1500 out of $1650 before I finally had enough of this guy. He can’t “happily prove” that all of the work was completed, because it wasn’t, I have proof too. It’s not that he didn’t nearly complete the site; he’s just someone that you shouldn’t have to deal with. There are better designers out there. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to see additional proof, I have lots of it.


8 months for a job that he quoted 2 months, lie after lie that he was going to begin my site “next week”, “exclusively until complete”, etc…

I did hire a Thai company in Bangkok in 2010; there were language barriers, and technical deficiencies. It turned out that they couldn’t build an e-commerce site, my fault for not researching the company and asking the right questions. They were very nice, but just couldn’t complete a fully functioning commerce site.

As I said in the initial review, Andrew was hired to create a website with a shopping cart and database, for $1350 (40,000 baht). After being informed that he was not going to provide the database in the original price, I had no other option but to pay the remaining 50% (20,000 baht) balance, otherwise I would lose the initial deposit and have nothing. I took a calculated gamble and paid extra for the database that was to be completed in “7-10 days”, with a $150 deposit. Well, you guessed it, 6 weeks later he's asking to be paid for the database that wasn’t complete. He actually said that my customers don't need to see their order history, so he wasn't going to do it, even though it was agreed. Why would you only make the order history available on the admin side? He was just being lazy. The database was rushed and looked horrible. He refused to fix it.

On top of all of this, I never got the original site that I paid for in full. Once I opted to have him provide the database he never uploaded the fully functioning site, before we got started on the database. After the problem with the database he tried to say that that previous agreement was void, since we had a new agreement for the inclusion of the database. So I was left with a site that was paid in full, non-functioning (no checkout) and full of errors. I had to fix all of the coding errors, etc. I’m out $1500, he’s out $150.

I gave him plenty of opportunities to fix the database as well as add the missing features, but he refused. He sais he has proof that the site was completed, well I have proof that it wasn't. It was very close to being done, but the work was rushed and poor.

It's too bad, he would have a good business if he listened to his customers. He does decent work if he wants to; unfortunately he's arrogant and rude. I had to stroke his ego for 8 months in hopes that he would keep working my project. After he refused to do a quality job, we parted ways.

Bottom line, there aren't any reviews for his services, this is the first. I'm trying to help the next guy make a more informed decision. You can choose whom to believe, but had I seen a review like this I would have looked elsewhere. If you want to hire him, good luck; you might get lucky, but not likely.

This is the e-mail that I received from Andrew after he saw this report, self serving (free link back to my business) and rude. Quite typical to all of my correspondence with him, this says it all. I don’t need to say more.

I read this today:****

As you can see, I've added a reply.

Personally I think my reply is quite good. It gains me a free link back to my business, and it makes you look rather ***.

I also have the details for the company you worked with before. They remember you, and I'm afraid to say that they describe you in rather poor terms.


Have you ever seen this site: http://ratetrust,org/

Who do you think controls it?

I do.


I wish I could say that I'm surprised to note that you've absolutely nothing to finish your site.

Winners sometimes take a knock back in life. But they get up. They don't complain. They don't obsess. They just keep moving forward.

As for losers, well, need I say more?


The above review is a rant from a former client who refused to pay the outstanding balance for work that was completed as agreed.

I can very happily prove all of this.

The guy did with before with another design agency in Phuket.


I am Andrew Brundle. I operate

If you'd like to hear the truth about the above complaint, please contact me. I will happily prove that all work has been completed. I will show you the completed site.

The simple truth is that the client refused to pay the outstanding balance.

When you look at my site, you'll see that I work for the Royal Thai Government and many large companies in Bangkok.

If necessary, re-read the above client's "complaint". Does it really sound like a genuine compliant, or is it more of an obsessive rant?

If it's of any interest, I am not the first design company here in Thailand to have been ripped off by the above client.

As said, please contact for me details and I will happily prove everything.

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