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This company is total BS. I was told I could save for my kids college fund and borrow against the account. After 18 months of depositing $100.00/ month, I was told when my kid is 30 years old (he is 4 now) the account would be worth $30,000. This makes No sense because...
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Has your bank ever been sued?

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Trader in Pajamas is a SCAM!

Dan Anderson is promoting a binary options trading method that does NOT WORK. I lost $1,000 in 2 days trading his "method". I lost trades on his "step 4" approach. Dan is not charging for this method, but I don't understand why he would promote a method that looses money for People. I wish I had seen a negative review before wasting my money. Please don't do this program - you will loose money. Its TOTAL BS. I have sent numerous emails to Dan asking why he is promoting the program, but he never responds. TRADER IN PAJAMAS IS A SCAM
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Just to be clear up front, the Pirate Trader's Method is NOT a scam. Now the broker this guy recommends may be, but I can't say for sure as I've never used them.

In binary options, there are very few reliable and legitimate brokers.

So here is the strategy:

Look at the regular binary options trading for the currency pair you want to trade. Example: You want to trade EUR/USD. So look at say a 1 hour timeframe trade and see which way trader's are saying it will go. As long as there is at least a 2% difference between trader who think the price will up vs.

traders who think it will go down, then you always go with the majority. So if 63% think it will go up and 37% say it will go down, you go to the 60 seconds trades, you place a call trade meaning you think it will go up for $5.

So you place your 1st trade for $5. If you win, check the trader's percentages again and stick with a trade following the highest percentage.

If you lose the $5, then you immediately place a $20 trade after the 1st trade expires. If you win, check the percentages again, and place a $5 trade again following the highest percentage.

If you lost the $20 trade, then as soon as it expires, immediately place a $50 trade.

If you win, check the percentages again, and place a $5 trade following the majority. If you lose on the $50 trade, then depending on your broker's limits, you immediately place either a $100 trade and a $50 trade as fast as you can, or place one trade for $150. Now I don't know if I agree with the math that this trade is 100% guaranteed, but that's the way the system works according to the author. The reason each losing trade multiplies is so that the next trade is high enough to cover the loss/losses and still make you a profit.

If you trade according to the system and are fast when placing trades, it does work. You have to be ready to place your next trade after a losing trade right away. If you wait 3 or 4 seconds to place a second trade, the system will fail. So when you are about to lose your 1st trade, before it expires, get your next trade ready and place it exactly or as close to when the 1st trade expires.

Timing is the key to success. Keep in mind you need a legitimate broker to trade with. The only legit broker's I know of for U.S. traders are: -Markets World (Regulated/Licensed in the UK) Minimum deposit $10 Minimum trade $1 (This is VERY rare and cheap to start out) Very good reviews and they actually pay you when you withdraw funds which is also VERY rare -Nadex (The Only Regulated/Licensed broker in the US, but their software/platform SUCKS!) Minimum deposit $250 Minimum trade is $10 or $20 -Tallinex (Regulated/Licensed in Cyprus) Minimum deposit $100 You can also leverage your trades by up to 1000:1 which is INSANE Good broker's for outside the US are: 24 Option and IQ Option Hopefully this helps some people.

Good luck. P.S.- Looking into buying the Forex Megadroid. It only trades EUR/USD, works with any broker, places trades automatically for you, is over 95% accurate on trades, makes 7-15 trades a month based on a statistical trends, has amazing reviews online, and they have been around since 2009. It costs $67 one time to purchase.

Heads up though, it is a little complicated to set up, but they do provide you with step by step instructions.

I would highly recommend it. It's the only robot software online that consistently has proven effective in any market condition, and has been more profitable almost every year than the previous.


It's not a scam. The broker he uses may be a scam, but the method is deadly accurate.


I confirm that The Trader in Pajamas is a scam!

I lost 400$ in 2 hour.

He's a affiliate marketer, he got paid when u open account and deposit funds.


You were probably using the method wrong. There is no way you can get stuck on step 4 for so long. Many people misunderstand the instructions and do it wrongly.


First thing i can say its not a SCAM at all.

Arent we fool jump in real trading without check the system in demo ?

I have had checked system what Dan said its working well i made 300$ in 3 days

In forex you should not be greedy and should have some basic knowledge atleast to become successful trader .

I used to trade 11 am to 1 pm IST this system worked to me. Ofcourse i met loss but covered it in next trades.

No one is perfect in trading. If you think forex is not place to earn much there is no other place though


@Pissedcustomer007 Cuold you send me the file Trader in Pajamas ? My email: nhatduat1225@***.com.

Thanks so much.

I want to test it. thanks again.


When dealing with FX or Binary Trading their is always a risk.

Don't risk money you can not afford to loose!

If every one was a winner then the sites would go out of business.

For Every winner someone has to take an equal or greater amount.

These are just the laws for everything out their.

Everything needs a balance otherwise it breaks.

Yes i have tried some systems and they do work. I tried the roulette system and i lost 11 times in a row! It was common to have a loss up to 6 times then when i got greedy it tried to wipe me out. I was playing using a demo account but the odds of that are crazy or as you say the house always wins!

As for FX and Binary Trading i think the computer systems are wired the same way they know what you position is but since their can be up to 1 second transmition delay between you and them things could be altered or time out!

Just my opinion. Maccallum


I agree. It is fine to use a system to hedge your loses, as long as you know the right signals.

The signals that Dan Anderson shows are not practical. You don't have to pay for signals, but fiveminutetrader has a great program for identifying your binary options trade signals for yourself.


Hes a affiliate marketer he got paid when u opened account and deposited funds



My concern is not the "system" but more about the brokers themselves. I understand you can lose your money because you are gambling on the stock market.

You can lose your money just as well investing through legit companies through legit US Stock Brokers.

I spoke with someone from Go Options this morning and she assured me how safe the money is and how easy to withdraw and the training and blah blah blah.

But bottom line they are in another country so if i'm up $5000 and I want my money, whose to say that they will really give it to me. That is my biggest concern.

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