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Poor animal care / managemenet at Liberty Humane Society (LHS) Jersey City NJ

We adopted a dog in April that we were told was in good health, and fixed. What we got was a dog that had multiple health issues, and was only partially fixed - which is amazing, because the huge scar and still visible shaved area indicated that someone was inside doing something!! So, we noticed health issues 1 day after adoption, and brought out dog to our vet for analysis. Urinary tract infection. After a few days of loose stools, we went back, diagnosis - worms. In between the worms and the spay problem, we noticed the dog was going into heat - which was amazing because the adoption paperwork clearly states 'spayed female'. Hmmmm...who is doing the spaying? Someone finishing up a High School science project? Sooo, several unanswered emails to a variety of LHS staff - and a 'canned' email says 'As your adoption contracts states LHS takes all reasonable steps to safeguard the health of the animals at the shelter blah blah' I am guessing the 4 health issues qualify as breach of contract? Hmmmm, our lawyer seems to agree!! There are plenty of other places to adopt....I would recommend taking LHS off your list.
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ok...this was finally resolved after about 6 months of emails, countless phone calls, registered mails, legal discussions - all for reimbursement of exactly what we asked for. What a pain in the ***.


Whoops...make that 'going into October'...I was a month off! :roll


Soo, we are going into November, and LHS has forwarded me to a lawyer by the name of Jeremy. There has been roughly 0 additional progress, although I keep getting promised that paperwork is being written up, and onced signed, a check can be sent out.

I don't know when this paperwork is coming out, lots of delays due to personal issues.

While I can relate to other people busy lives, the disregard for the health of this animal, as well as our out of pocket expenses is unacceptable. I'll send a follow up to Jeremy to see what he is doing, but my original recommendation of 'avoid this rescue at all costs' still stands.

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Jersey City, New Jersey